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See: Global Marijuana March. ~600 different cities since 1999. First Saturday in May. City lists: 1999 2000 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 2010. 11 ...Search them. Add city name to search.
With less than 5% of world population the USA has over 2.4 million of 9.8 million world prisoners! The majority of U.S. inmates are in due to the drug war.
Most Republican leaders oppose cheap universal healthcare. 45,000 uninsured Americans die each year due to lack of health insurance.
Create web pages. Instantly. Just add text and stir! Convert plain text messages to web pages. Add, fonts, images, and clickable links. Use web pages in email such as Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, etc.. Free blogs, web page editors, free web hosts, free domain names, free submission to many search engines at once. Click this link for Page Two. Click this link for templates.
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*Introduction, blogs, free websites, anonymity.
*Free web hosts.

*Cheap web hosting.
*Free or cheap ISPs, internet access.
*Free or cheap domain names.

*Free web page HTML editors, word processors.
*Quickly make many URLs clickable at once.

*Images to web pages. Editing and viewing.
*Thumbnail image galleries. Expandable.
*Edit plain-text messages for web pages or email.

*Put fonts, images, and clickable messages in web pages or Yahoo Mail.

*Drug war charts, and more.


Introduction, and anonymity. [TopLink]

Some of the info in this web page may be out of date.

In a hurry? Free blog sites are the easiest. If you can type out emails, even short ones, then you can do a free blog. Because all you do is type out a short message now and then in the blog form, and the blog site does all the rest. A lot of people start with blogs. And you can be anonymous since all they require is your email address, and you don't have to post it on your site. Or you can use a secondary email address and a fake name for that email address. So you can post it on the blog.

Go create a free website or blog! At the free web-hosting sites you can use one of their subdomains or subdirectories, and you maintain your anonymity. People can't do a WHOIS search to find out who created the website. You only lose your anonymity when you buy your own domain name. 

Most of the free web-hosting sites will also let you pay them a monthly fee to get rid of the advertising popups if they bother you. Most people nowadays have popup blockers, so that is less of a problem with the free sites. allows you to create one of their free instant blogs in 5 minutes with just an email address and any user name. Start one with a free Yahoo Mail email address, for example. - That email company allows one to use any user name on outgoing email. And you can change it at any time. So only sees your Yahoo Mail user name. So even does not have your real name. 

It literally only takes 5 minutes to set up a blog there. Just go to the above linked homepage and fill out the very short form. You can immediately start a blog entry, too, if you want.

There is even a way to own domain names anonymously. Whether anonymous or not, you can host your own domain name on the free or the paid web hosts:

"Even if you don't give your real name or personal information in your blog, people can look up the WHOIS records for your domain name and find out who you are. If you don't want anyone to do this, consider registering your domain name anonymously. The Online Policy Group (OPG) offers privacy-protective domain name registration..." 
- Quote is from:
*How to Blog Safely (About Work or Anything Else).

*The popular web hosting site offers private domain name registration, too:

* - Guide aims to help bloggers beat censors.

If you do not want to own a domain name, then it is even easier to be anonymous. You can create a site name at one of the free web hosts. Only they will know your real name and address. Your home page site name at those free web hosts can be a subdomain such as

or a subdirectory name such as


FREE web hosts. [TopLink]

*Open Directory - Computers: Internet: Web Design and Development: Hosting: Free:

If you do not want to learn how to use free offline web page editors and FTP uploading right away, then choose a free web host that allows one to upload from any browser, and that allows one to edit web pages while online at the free web host. Most free web hosts have simple web page editors online. They are often as simple as email composing.

The best free web sites remain free, and offer at least one gigabyte of monthly bandwidth, long-term reliability, subdomains, and uploading via both FTP and browser. Even after reaching a bandwidth quota they remain free. When your free website reaches a daily or monthly bandwidth quota the website is shut down automatically until the next day, or until the last 30 days of bandwidth is less than the quota. When someone tries to go to a page on your site they see a message indicating a temporary shutdown due to the free bandwidth quota being reached.

Some monthly bandwidth (gigabytes), and other info for some popular free web hosts. Some of the info below may be out-of-date. "Subdomain" in the listings below means that your site URL can be a free subdomain name combined with the site's domain name offerings. Sometimes the subdomain name is assigned to you, or you pick a subdomain name of your own choice, or you choose from a list of available subdomain names. See this thread:
"Domain" in the listings below means you can host your own domain name for free on the site. You can register the domain name at any registrar. You do not have to change registrars to host the domain name for free on the site. You just change a few settings. 1 gigabyte. FTP. Subdomain. 3 gigabytes. FTP. Subdomain. Domain. PHP. MySQL. Unmetered bandwidth. FTP. Subdomain. Domain. PHP. Unmetered bandwidth. FTP. Subdomain. Domain. Unmetered bandwidth. FTP. PHP. MySQL. Unmetered bandwidth. FTP. Subdomain. Domain. 1 gigabyte. FTP. No subdomain. 1 gigabyte. FTP. Subdomain. Domain. Your free website at Netfirms is no longer free after the daily free bandwidth quota is reached even once. It is not hard to hit that quota after your website has been up awhile or becomes popular. You can get another free website there by using another subdomain name, but that means you lose all your current indexing and rankings in search engines such as Google. For many websites most site hits nowadays come from Google, and it takes time to build up popularity and higher Google search results. So use Netfirms free hosting if you don't mind possibly having to eventually pay around $5 a month, or if you own your domain name and can transfer the site to another free web host with all the URLs intact.

Most free web hosts stay in business by using ad banners. So most (such as Angelfire, Tripod, FortuneCity, etc.) do not want porn, autopsy photos, etc. on the websites hosted for free on their servers. Websites have been deleted without warning for these reasons. Some may not even want foul language. Controversial politics is fine, though. Most of the popular free web hosts respect free speech from all sides of the political spectrum. Read their terms of service carefully, though.

*Google search shortcut for free web hosts.
*Google Directory - Computers > Internet > Web Design and Development > Hosting/Free/Directories
*Free Webspace and Free Web Hosting Services.
*"Best free web hosting providers and free webspace hosts."
*20 Top Free Web Hosts By User Ratings.
*Free Web Hosting User Reviews. Hundreds of hosts listed on one page.

Use the above links search for free web hosts with the features you want.  Be wary of ratings. They can be scammed by insisting that your customers go and give good ratings, and implying that their free hosting depends on it.

Google can now easily do site searches on any website. It is no longer necessary that your website homepage URL be a subdomain URL without slashes in it. It is no longer a problem to set up Google search boxes on a website with slashes in the homepage URL. Such as for subdirectory websites on free web hosts. 

For example; allows one to pick a subdomain. Here is a website linked just below about the Drug War and more. Its subdomain is "corporatism" and its homepage URL below is followed by its Google site search shortcuts. Click the search shortcuts to see how they work. Enter some search terms such as "cannabis" and see that all the results are from that site. and Will not always be made clickable in plain-text email or forums due to the colon in the URL. Made clickable in most plain-text places.
The 2 search shortcuts just above both will search Google with this term:

Some free web hosts such as Angelfire create websites with slashes in the website names. Such as this Drug War website homepage mirror below. Click the search shortcut. Enter some search terms such as "cannabis" Drug War homepage. Google search shortcuts for it: Will not always be made clickable in plain-text email or forums. Made clickable in most plain-text places.
The 2 search shortcuts just above both will search Google with this term:

The website can be searched by this less exact Google method. Use this term:

With the allinurl method Google actually ignores the slashes and dots in the URL. It looks in its indexed URLs for the components: angelfire com rnb y

The allinurl method is not the best way to Google search a website.

If you want the URLs and bookmarks to your web pages to last a long time pick large free web hosts for your website and mirror sites. Especially if you don't own your own domain name. The large free web hosts tend to survive much longer than the smaller free web hosts. See the mirror page URLs at the end of this webpage for examples of long-term free web hosts. All of them offer FTP loading and one gigabyte of free bandwidth a month. It is not recommended to use free web hosts that offer less than one gigabyte per month of free bandwidth.

* - A large guide to free webhosting. Searchable directory of free web hosts. Power search focuses in on what you want. The reviews at also often tell about the paid services from the same web hosts. What they cost, additional features, etc.. Some are really cheap per year. Like $20 per year. And that includes PHP. There is also a search form for paid hosts on the homepage.

* Community. Forums covering all aspects of creating and hosting web pages. Some of the reviews at the are out of date. But the people at the forums will have the more recent info.

If you own your domain name it doesn't usually matter what size your web host is, or if it goes out of business. Because you can move your website intact to other web hosts. People's bookmarks will still work. Some free web hosts allow you to pick and own your own domain name, and to host that domain name on their servers. Or they allow you to forward hits on that name to the free web pages on their servers. But this is not always good, because sometimes frames are used, and sometimes exact URLs using the owned domain name can not be used to get to very specific pages.

For info on free web hosts that allow one to use one's own domain name, and that do not use frames or redirects, check out this thread:

The old thread above recommends some free web hosts that give unlimited bandwidth. And one can use one's own domain name. So even if the unlimited bandwidth doesn't continue, then one can decide whether to stay with the free web host, or to move one's domain name to another web host. Check out the 2 free web hosts below at some review and rating sites to see if they are OK nowadays. Unlimited bandwidth. FTP. Subdomain. PHP. Unlimited bandwidth. FTP. Subdomain. Domain. PHP. MySQL.

It seems that web hosts come and go, and that many are unreliable, and have sporadic service. So pick one with longterm reliability to begin with. Many offer too much and go out of business because they can't afford to offer so much, but they have to in order to compete with the bigger services. You may pay for 6 months or a year, and the web host may disappear. Then the money is gone. Some web hosts offer to pay for domain name registration. 

It is also important to have enough free bandwidth per month. At least 1 GB free bandwidth per month for a website that has, or will have, dozens of web pages. Otherwise, after a certain number of page hits your website may surpass its monthly free amount of bandwidth. Then visitors will get a message telling them to try again at the beginning of the next month.

*Master Your Domain Name - has info on links for free and paid web hosts, and also links to sites with reviews of many more of them. There are free web hosts that will allow you to choose most of your own website name. Or you could choose all of your domain name and register your name for under $10 a year at a legitimate ICANN-accredited registrar. Then you can host that domain name for FREE at some free ad-supported web hosts.

*CNET compares 4 free Web hosts. August 2001.

*Tripod. Full review. CNET editors' choice. CNET compares 4 free Web hosts. August 2001.

Tripod names are case-sensitive. You may forever regret using upper case letters, or dashes, or underscores, etc in your site URL. For example; is much easier to remember and share with others than (don't know if either of those URLs are currently used for real websites). Site names with dashes and underscores make it much more difficult for people to remember your site URL. 

Also, it is not always good to use your real name as part of your site name URL. You can oftentimes say much more on a site that does not have your name as part of the URL. Also, others may feel freer to allow you to post their stuff on your site if a person's name is not part of the site URL. You don't have to keep a bad choice for a site name. You can delete a Tripod account, for example, and sign up for a new Tripod account, choose a better site name, and upload all your web pages in 10 minutes to the new site name.

*Power Search of the hundreds of free web hosts listed at

The Power Search also allows one to search for free hosts with PHP or other advanced features. It came up with around 15 free web hosts that supposedly have PHP. There are reviews of most of the results. After reading them it seems some have lost PHP, or promise PHP later. Also it seems there are many problems with many of the free web hosts concerning the advanced features such as PHP, CGI, etc..

So it seems there is a lack of good free web hosts offering PHP and other advanced features. This is in contrast to the good experiences one has with the huge free web hosts that offer mainly only html hosting.


Cheap web hosting. [TopLink]

*1&1 Internet Inc. - Hosting - Comparison Chart. This web host has often had multi-page ads in PC World magazine. They offer an incredible number of features and tools at very low monthly prices. See this chart of their offerings and prices: 

*Web Hosting Stuff - Hosting Companies Ranked & Reviewed. 

*Top 20 hosts under $5 a month. Cheap Web Hosting Awards from Nettop20.

*Here is a directory of directories for paid web hosting.
Google Directory - Computers > Internet > Web Design and Development > Hosting/Directories/

*There are some paid web host directories that have advanced search forms that allow one to select for CGI, PHP, maximum monthly price, minimum webspace, and many more options. There are a lot of paid web hosts with PHP, or other advanced features, that cost less than 5 dollars a month. Some with unlimited bandwidth. Search forms: -- This site has reviews too.


Free or cheap ISPs, internet access. [TopLink]

*Free or cheap 56K internet access. Inexpensive new or used PC's. Saving money for fighting the drug war. In many ways. and


Free or cheap domain names. [TopLink]

$4 to $10 a year to choose all of a domain name and to completely own that domain name. Choose, and then buy a domain name. Then use that domain name on a free web. 

You own the whole domain name, and you can host your website on any servers you choose. You can leave your current web host at any time and keep the domain name. You can transfer the website to any server you choose, and your web pages will have the same URLs. This is the big advantage of owning your domain name. And you can avoid nearly all censorship just by changing web hosts. Be sure that the transfer fee is no more than the cost of registering a domain name. You should not pay more than $10 to register, renew, or transfer a domain name.

There are many inexpensive domain name registrars that charge $10 or less per year to keep your domain name in your hands. A domain name that you fully own and can transfer from web host to web host. One can transfer the domain name to many free or paid web hosts. Pick any name. A domain name such as


There are many domain name registrars. Just remember that domain name registration only lasts a year usually. You have to renew yearly. Some inexpensive well-known registrars. and

* is recommended by as a domain name registrar. Around $10 a year. and

*Site Meter - Counter and Statistics Tracker. Search results for "cheap domain names." Pulls up cheap registrars.

*ICANN | gTLD Registrar List. A list of ICANN-accredited registrars.

*ICANN | Home Page. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.


Free web page HTML editors, word processors. [TopLink]

See these Wikipedia pages for the latest info and comparisons:

There is a great 2006 article by PC World magazine called "101 Fabulous Freebies" that is useful in so many ways:,aid,124883,pg,1,00.asp,aid,124883,00.asp All on one page.

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web page editors are the way to go for easy creation of web pages.

Web page editors are just another form of word processor. Much better than Microsoft Word, because the HTML format (.htm files) is a universal format. Any web browser can open .htm files. They can be pasted right into most email too. Many email lists and forums will archive HTML-formatted info. HTML email is archived by Yahoo Groups, too. Web pages, or parts of web pages, can be pasted directly into Yahoo Mail and other email software. Most people receiving such email can view it without any problems. Most importantly, .htm files can be uploaded right away into websites without alteration.

*Free WYSIWYG Web Editors and Website Builders. This list is updated regularly:

There are free WYSIWYG web page editors. If you don't already have a web page editor, go to,, or another free download site, and search for "html editor" or "web building" or "web authoring" or "web development" or something similar. Then use your browser to download one of the free or shareware html editors from the web. Some are WYSIWYG. Yahoo Mail is actually a WYSIWYG web page editor when composing email in the "color and graphics" form.

*Nvu. Freeware for Windows, Mac, and Linux. "Nvu is a WYSIWYG editor that is designed to make the creation of web sites as easy for novices as it is using commercial web editors like FrontPage and DreamWeaver. It is based on the Mozilla Composer web editor (see elsewhere on this page) and includes new features that will eventually make its way back into Mozilla Composer. This open source editor is available for Linux and Windows." -Quote is from: and homepage.

*Trellian. Freeware. "Trellian WebPage allows you to create web pages without having to learn complex scripting languages or knowing much about HTML. It offers a WYSIWYG interface that makes editing pages as easy as using a word processor." This web editor is a quick download, and it is easy and intuitive. One can copy and paste into it parts of other web pages. Relative links are maintained (relative links are used in table of content links, and in links to other pages on the same website). URLs can be made clickable by adding a space just after the URL. has latest version. Enter name and email address.
No need to immediately register. Older version.

*Freeware downloads. Web Authoring - HTML for Beginners -, we download it before you do!

* or - Web Development. Pick one of the subcategories such as "html editors" in order to pull up a detailed, rated, link list of downloadable software.

*HTML Editors -

*HTML Editors - Filtered to pull up free ones only. Ordered by date of last update.

At the bottom of CNET or pages there are filters to narrow down the list. Filters for choosing only PC, Mac, Linux, handhelds, or other platforms. Filters for Mac OS, Win 98, Win 95, Win 3.x, NT, Linux, and more. Filters for the size of the software. Filters for freeware, shareware, demoware, etc.. (also called is a great download site for freeware, shareware, and demoware. The reason this is true is that once you click a specific-enough category of software, you will see a list of that software with columns for description, date created, rating, number of downloads, and whether it is freeware, shareware, demoware, etc..

*Here is the link below for the overall directory of all types of downloadable software. Pick a catagory such as web development. Then pick a sub-category such as html editors. There is also an advanced search where there are options to pick the operating system, the license (free, free to try, etc.), etc.. or

*Epinions rates software, has both consumer and professional reviews and tallies. Anybody can add a review.


You may already have one of the following free WYSIWYG web editors.

Netscape Composer often comes with the Netscape browser.


Quickly make many URLs and email addresses clickable. [TopLink]

Many web editors make web addresses (URLs) and email addresses clickable automatically. It usually occurs when you add a space after the address.


Images to web pages. Editing and viewing. [TopLink]

It is easy to copy and paste images into web pages. In addition one can edit, resize, convert, compress etc.. The freeware below is a quick download and a good start.
Freeware image editor and viewer. Great for editing images on web pages (see above links, too). Small, powerful program for viewing, editing, resizing, and converting images of all sizes and formats. Try to find the latest version on the many download sites found from clicking this link:

*IrfanView. "IrfanView is a fast, simple freeware image viewer and editor that supports all major graphic formats, including BMP, DIB, JPEG, GIF, animated GIF, PNG, PCX, multipage TIFF, TGA, and more. In addition, it features drag-and-drop support, directory viewing, TWAIN support, slide shows, batch conversion, and modifications such as color depth, crop, blur, and sharpen." The software is under 1 megabyte.

More image editors can be found here:

* or - Web Development. Pick one of the image categories in order to pull up a detailed, rated, link list of downloadable software.

Picasa and Gimp are 2 other highly-rated freeware image editors. Look up their download pages in Google.

Thumbnail image galleries. Expandable. [TopLink]

Most image editors can create a page of thumbnail images almost instantly. Thumbnails that expand. 

If all the images are in one folder, then IrfanView can quickly create a page of thumbnail images. You can pick and choose which images in a folder are to be used for a thumbnail page. You can create multiple thumbnail pages this way.

There is freeware made for image galleries. Such as Gallery and Coppermine. and

See this example of an MMM photo gallery using the free Gallery software:


Edit plain-text messages for web pages or email. [TopLink]

Web pages are actually better in the long run than just Yahoo Group messages, Indymedia messages, etc.. Because Google indexes web pages, but not usually individual Yahoo Group messages. Google indexes only some Indymedia sites and messages.

You can actually post plain text messages as web pages. No need to learn any more programs. All you do is copy and paste your plain text message into their online web editing form. Use one message for each web page. That way each message will be indexed by Google.

Great for creating plain-text email (of almost unlimited length)
out of email and web pages. In freeware version of NoteTab just copy, paste, and compile the parts desired. Also, one can create narrow columns. First get rid of all existing line breaks within paragraphs by selecting the text, and then clicking "Lines" in the "Modify" menu. Then click "Join Lines." To create narrow columns use the "properties" command in the document menu. Check the "Wrap to Column" box. Choose column width by number of characters. Nearly all World Drug War website charts are under 60 characters wide (the "costs" charts are 70 characters wide). In the shareware version of NoteTab you can skip the above steps and just use the "reformat" command in the Modify/Lines menu. For more info, and quick downloads of the program: NoteTab download page. Other free Notepad replacement programs. Notepad2.

The Drug War website and its free mirror sites together get around 10,000 hits a month. 85% of the hits come from search engines. Over half of those come from Google.

Why settle for just email messages? You can post stuff permanently on the web. Copy your Yahoo Group messages from the archives, for example, and post them as separate web pages that thousands more people will find during searches.


Put fonts, images, and clickable messages in web pages or Yahoo Mail. [TopLink]

You can also send email with clickable links, images, multiple fonts and colors. You can copy that email into web pages, too! Copy all or part of the email into any WYSIWYG HTML editor. Save the page.

Upload that page instantly to any free web hosting site, such as,, etc..

Most of them allow you to paste in your web page directly, or to upload it with your browser. You browse to your web page on your hard drive, and then upload it. No need for FTP upload programs, or any additional software other than your web browser.


Drug war charts, and more. [TopLink]