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See: Global Marijuana March. ~600 different cities since 1999. First Saturday in May. City lists: 1999 2000 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 2010. 11 ...Search them. Add city name to search.
With less than 5% of world population the USA has over 2.4 million of 9.8 million world prisoners! The majority of U.S. inmates are in due to the drug war.
Most Republican leaders oppose cheap universal healthcare. 45,000 uninsured Americans die each year due to lack of health insurance.
Page 2. Republicans lead U.S. Drug War. Democrats follow Republican evil. Corporatists Rule. Huge LINKS list! U.S. Drug-war Industrial Complex. Republican fundamentalist holy war. Friendly Fascism. Drug war leaders are the rabid right, hate radio, hate television, NRA (National Rifle Association), religious right, (snortin') George Bush the hypocrite, etc.. Amnesty for Bush, Clinton, Gore, and other drug offenders!
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*Republican Rudolph (Rudy) Giuliana.

*George Bush, JUNIOR. (Dubya).
*Republican Bob Barr.
*Judge Judy on users: "Let 'em die."
*The FLIP SIDE. Republican Drug War.
*Anti-marijuana ZEALOTS in 1998.

*Newt Gingrich in 1998.  
*Needle Exchange in 1998.
*1998 U.S. House Resolution 372.
*Senate Republicans in 1998.
*Dan Lungren and Pete Wilson.
*George Bush, SENIOR. Iran-contra-cocaine. Oliver North.

*American Dream and race relations.
*Older History. Richard Nixon, etc.

*Drug War charts, and more.


Colombia Drug War Package passes House Through Opposition, Moves to Senate. Resisted by more Democrats than Republicans. Spring, 2000. [TopLink]

3-2000. March 31, 2000 DRCnet weekly ezine. Colombia article:
A quote from the last paragraph follows. Note the preponderance of Democrats voting (unsuccessfully) to strip out the military drug war aspect of the bill.
"An amendment by Rep. David Obey (D-WI), eliminating the military portions, received 186 votes, 127 Democratic, 58 Republican and one independent (results at )."
--- DRCnet excerpt begins ---

On Thursday, March 29, [2000] the House of Representatives was expected to vote on and pass an Emergency Supplemental Appropriations bill (H.R. 3908), including a $1.7 billion anti-drug assistance package to Colombia and its Latin American neighbors, championed by drug czar Barry McCaffrey and some conservatives in Congress. Amendments that would have eliminated the Colombia package, or stripped out the military component, were rejected on the House floor on Wednesday [March 29, 2000].

The Colombia package has been more controversial that its proponents expected, however, and human rights, Latin America and drug policy reform advocates were encouraged by the degree of opposition shown on both sides of the Congressional aisle. Rep. Jim Ramstad (R-MN) held a press conference with Sylvester Salcedo, a retired Navy Lt. Commander who has come out against the drug war, and Ramstad presented an amendment to eliminate the Colombia package (see interview below).
The Ramstad amendment received 158 votes in favor, 89 Democratic, 68 Republican and 1 independent. (Visit to see who voted for and against.) An amendment by Rep. David Obey (D-WI), eliminating the military portions, received 186 votes, 127 Democratic, 58 Republican and one independent (results at ).

----- end of DRCnet excerpt. --------

4.00. DRCnet. Oppose Colombia Drug War Funding. Comprehensive site opposing US military aid to Colombia's drug war. Easy email forms to write members of Congress. Many useful links by clicking the links button.
4-2000. US: Narcotics Bill Reopens Drug War Debate. Boston Globe article excerpts:
Representative David Obey, a Wisconsin Democrat, shouted: "If you are willing to fight the drug war 1,000 miles from here, why aren't you willing to fight it in your backyard!" Representative Dan Burton, an Indiana Republican, shouted back: "This could get so big that if we don't help Colombia now, we could be forced to send American troops in to deal with it!"
The drug treatment proponents, led by Representative Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, had one major weapon in their argument: a 1994 Rand study, commissioned by the US government, that showed dollars spent for treatment were 23 times more effective than dollars spent on interdiction in foreign countries.
*Colombia SHORTCUT URLs for CannabisNews and MAP/DrugNews press archive. and

*3-2000. House Approves $12.7 Billion in Emergency Spending. [Includes Colombia drug war bill. Note that the bill was voted for by more Republicans than Democrats].
*7-1999. US Drug Policy in Colombia. Toward Freedom Magazine. Rightist Republicans in October 1998 jump in on side of Colombia's rich rightists. Human Rights Watch assigns most massacres to them. War background history. By Ron Chepesiuk.
*8-1999. The Observer (UK): US Hawks Push For War In Colombia.: "'dirty wars' of the Reagan era. ... Intelligence operations are at the core of the escalation ... information could be shared with right-wing death squads."
*1980's. Republicans. Reagan-Bush. Office of Latin American Public Diplomacy: "fundraising, lobbying, propaganda and manipulation of the media in contravention of U.S. laws and regulations." How to popularize drug war death squads!
*Terrorism of USA. Death Squads, Drug War. Many links worldwide. Millions killed over decades. Mostly US-run or US-aided terrorist death squads worldwide. Other death squads, too. Today's death squads, and older ones such as the US-run Phoenix Program during the Vietnam war. Terrorism and corruption at all levels of politics, police, society, media, business, unions, government, etc.. Lists in alphabetical and chronological order. Huge LINKS list. and


Republican Rudolph (Rudy) Giuliani up there with Bob Barr in pure evilness. [TopLink]

Leading Republican propagandist drug warrior at work. He is the perfect example of the Republican who scares Democrats into following the Republican Drug War lead. One example is spinning away a marijuana killing by the New York narcs. This is important. Imagine if all the press allowed this type of marijuana killing to be spun by Republican mayor Rudy Giuliani. Overall, Republicans are far more callous toward average people than Democrats. Giuliani is approaching Republican representative Bob Barr levels of drug war fascism.

*12-1998. US: Just Say 'Wait a Minute' 'The Fix' and 'Drug Crazy.' Article excerpt:
This fall, for example, when President Clinton's drug czar, General Barry McCaffrey, announced that he wanted to make methadone more widely available, one of the first to attack the plan was New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, who argued that instead of replacing one kind of addiction with another the goal should be to "try to make America drug free."

3-2000. 2 DRCnet articles. NYPD marijuana killing of Patrick Dorismond. CHARTS about Racism of drug war. This is on the web (with all links clickable and all charts lined up) at:

3-2000. Right to Know What Giuliani Finds Relevant. New York Times on marijuana killing by narc.

2 articles. NYPD marijuana killing. MANY LINKS. CHARTS.
Diallo trial, GOP-coded racism, drug war, Republicans.
McCain hits GOP-religious intolerance! Drug warriors.
Giuliani-Haider link like Bush-Bob Jones.
McCain bares his GOP drug warrior teeth. Press.


GEORGE W. BUSH (the little dope using his father's contra-cocaine?). [TopLink]

"There ought to be limits to freedom. We're aware of this site, and this guy is just a garbage man, that's all he is." -- George W. Bush, discussing a web site that parodies him. ___
Many fun facts and banners can be found at ___
*Names of inmates in Texas being held for offenses which are no longer punishable by prison time. ___
*Bush Campaign Loses Bid To Censor Web Site. Parody site wins at Federal Election Commission. April 20, 2000 in Washington Post: ___
*Parody as a Protected Form of Speech. "I'm your host Jamin B. Raskin, a professor of Constitutional Law at American University, in Washington, D.C., and co-director of its Program on Law and Government. I'll be writing a weekly column and participating in the Community."

*6-2000. Bush Addresses New Mexico Topics. Bush spells out his drug warrior views. Compares marijuana to heroin. "focusing on telling parents that drugs are going to kill their kids. ... there is a correlation between marijuana and eventual heroin use. ... We need to have character-based education programs in schools. There needs to be a focused effort to say to kids, 'Drugs will destroy you.' I think legalization sends another message.

*5-2000. NORML's News Bulletin May 18, 2000. Republican Gov. Keating Denies Foster's Parole, Frees Two Violent Offenders. Keating is a possible vice-presidential candidate under hypocrite Bush.

*5-2000. Example of message using Bush banners! With funny Bush banners, and with all links clickable. Forum message link:

*5-2000. Bush to execute more innocent men. article. Renee Boje. Amnesty 2000. Amnesty International campaign against the overall brutality of the US criminal justice system.

*5-2000. Bush. Religious drug treatment in Texas. GOP's holy war. Theocracy in action. The new world order, Republican-style. and at:

*George W. Bush -think of what he could do for (to) the country. and at: and;
George W Bush : the Wall of Hypocrisy. Texas rankings are in the middle of the web page. Homepage has links to many satirical images.

*11-1999. Texas. Reefer Madness? George Bush, the heartless hypocrite governor of Texas. One cannabis joint and children taken away!: "Do we live in a country where the government can come into your home without a court order and take your child?...unsuccessfully applied for Medicaid 4 times."

* - The BUSH WATCH. The Further Adventures of George Bush: COCAINE COWBOY from Texas. Everything you ever wanted to know about dubya, the shrub. CLICK LINKS!

*10-1999. A Letter To Barbara Bush. Mothers: "You see, our boys also committed: 'youthful indiscretions.' But in their cases, the prosecutors and courts called them 'felonies.' They are each serving sentences of a decade or more ..."

*8-1999. US: Bush's Ill-Advised Silence. New York Times: "as Governor of Texas: he has shown little compassion for anyone who has broken the law. ... 'Incarceration is rehabilitation' ... jail time ... one gram of cocaine ... hypocrisy."

*8-1999. Savage Sentences. Washington Post OPED from FAMM about Bush luxury of saying "irrelevant." Families Against Mandatory Minimums "prisons to warehouse nonviolent drug offenders...some might have moved on to, become, say, president."

*8-1999. Critics Slam Bush's Silence, Tough Stance On Drugs. "jail instead of: receiving probation and rehabilitation. ...Texas prison population...has tripled...second only to Louisiana. ... Bush is not tough on crime, he is dictatorial."

*8-1999. Bush Record Shows Tough Stance On Drugs. "slashed prison drug-treatment." Democrat governor Ann "Richards championed rehabilitation programs, ...[Republican Bush] cut the program. ...punishment for less than 1 gram was increased."


Republican BOB BARR, and other GOP rabid-drug-warrior links! [TopLink]

*12-1998. All Things Considered. National Public Radio. Bob Barr and D.C. medical cannabis vote. 1st link is Realaudio streaming audio. 2nd link is a press article. and

*12-1998. Livingston Out as Speaker, Drug Warrior Hastert Set to Take Gavel. [DRCnet's excellent summary of Hastert's past Drug Warrior fanaticism].

*12-1998. The Hastert Files: New Speaker Of the House Hailed As "Moderate" Is Extreme Prohibitionist -- 4 Articles. [Another Gingrich Drug War point man].

*12-1998. Georgia's Other Nasty Congressman. Editorial Page Editor [Cynthia Tucker] of the Atlanta [Georgia] Constitution. Says "Barr is the Democrat's best ally." [Article reprinted in several newspapers nationwide. "Bob Barr: The New GOP Monster. ... accomplishes nothing but to alienate a sizable portion of the electorate. ... ultimately rid the nation of this plague"]. and and

*11-1998. US DC: OPED: MMJ: What's Congress Smoking? [Bubba Bob Barr ridiculed by a Washington Post (WP) OpEd for blocking publication of vote results of D.C. medical cannabis ballot!. Reach author at ].

*11-1998. On the Hill, Barring Democracy [More WP Bob Barr ridicule!].

*11-1998. US DC: WP: Get Your Hands off Those Ballots. ["Robert L. Barr Jr. ... Democracy Held Hostage, Day 9. ... democracide ... banana republic canceled an election"].

*11-1998. US DC: WP: On the Hill, Barring Democracy. ["The District is the place, Barr the ruler. The man who embalmed himself last month in sanctimonious blather. ... District is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hill"]. and

*11-1998. D.C. Won't Give Results Of Marijuana Referendum [detailed info on Bob Barr blocking of vote, ACLU and other legal reactions, D.C.'s bizarre lack of democracy].

*11-1998. US CA: OPED: The Drug War Isn't About Combating Use [More exposure of D.C. vote blocking, and ultra-right nature of Bob Barr. Facts about cannabis being linchpin of the Drug War].

*Congressman Bob Barr's Biography. [ex-CIA! "in 1998 he led the successful effort to rename Washington National Airport in honor of President Ronald Reagan. ... received the Friend of the Family Award from the Christian Coalition"].

*9-1997. Legalization of Drugs? [Georgia Republican Congressman Bob Barr's call-out-the-troops speech in AUSTRIA, where Hitler grew up the first 24 years of his life! Mein Kampf for today!].

*2-1998. US: Wire: Clinton, Gingrich Bicker on Drugs. [Georgia Republican Congressman Newt Gingrich's "World War II" style Drug War].|

*4-1998. Republicans Plan Major Campaign for Drug-Free America [Newt fleshes out World War II style Drug War. 11/98: Don't let the door hit you on the way out Newtie! LOL.].|

*11-1998. Thousands Protest In Georgia Against Army's 'School Of [Assassins].

*11-1998. WP. 7000 rally. 2319 trespass. Georgia's School of the Americas. (Roots of CIA-Contra-COCAINE). torture-bounty-Death-squad-manuals. and

*Training Tyrants: The School of the Americas. [describes Death-Squad manuals for US-aided foreign wars. This can include Drug-Wars/CIA/Contra/cocaine, etc.].

*11-1998. US CA: Prison Shootings Unjustified. [Republican Dan Lungren's Death Squads].


Dump Judge Judy! Judge Judy on Drug Users: "Let 'em die." [TopLink]

Sentence Judge Judy, and all the other Right-wing television and hate radio propagandists, to history's dustbin.

"The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." -- Plato. [and women too!]

*Dump Judge Judy! DRCnet's excellent comprehensive Judge Judy website. Many links and activities. Easy email forms for letter-writing.

*DRUG WAR NEWS. Homepage for open mailing list, & online list ARCHIVE. Messages, links, etc. about CHARTS, MMM, and much more. Anybody (including non-subscribers) can click "messages" button to see the latest ones. Monthly archives, too. A "POST" button at link below. Unsubscribe there, too. Click "subscribe" button to join. Info, description, links:

HERE IS A LINK COMPILATION FOR JUDGE let-drug-users-die JUDY: v2. 1st URLs. Australian press text. v3. CBC & DRCnet text. Salon forum. Judge Judy link compilation. Cliff Schaffer resources. Judge Judy's husband. DRCnet. Dec. 6, 1999. National Enquirer article. GLOBE article. Links list. List of sponsors. Herr's Potato Chips pulls ads. REVISED sponsors list. Judge Judy links list. BIG. 2nd MAP focus alert. 3 companies pull ads!

*First 2 links are versions 2 and 3 of: Judge Judy on drug users: "Let 'em die." The next 2 links are COMPILATIONS of JUDGE JUDY LINKS, PRESS, and RESOURCES from Cliff Schaffer, DRCnet, MAP, and others! The links that follow are later info and JUDGE JUDY articles from National Enquirer, Globe, DRCnet, MAP, etc.. Note that higher numbers on the end of the URL denote later articles in the Drug War News archive. There are other Judge Judy links in the list archives, too. For some reason unknown to me, the archives sometimes make some text in messages smaller than others. So, if you are using the MS Internet Explorer browser click "text size" in the view menu to enlarge text as necessary.

Also check this out: CLICK! MAP/DrugSense Shortcut to Judge Judy press clippings:

And CLICK to see MAP's Sent-LTE (Letters to the Editor sent in, though not necessarily published) digest archives:

Then, check out the FoM (of compilation, Judge Judy photo, etc.. Especially the list of links at the end. CLICK!:

CannabisNews Judge Judy. Search via for all articles.

*Judge Judy photo URL. In finger-wagging mode. CLICK! If you paste this URL into any of the message boards the photo will automatically show up.

* message boards. or at:


Republican Mycoherbicides for attacking cannabis, opium, coca, and other drug-producing plants. [TopLink]

A Republican senator from Ohio, Mike DeWine, got the bill approved by Congress in November, 1998.

*2-1999. Fungus Funding.

*1-1999. Your Tax Dollars At Work: U.S. Developing Fungi to Kill Narcotics Plants.

*3-1998. Covert Action Quarterly. The Drug War's Fungal Solution? [Extraordinary dangers and deep roots of this research].

*More "Fungal Solution" articles from the MAP archives.
> and
> and
> and
> and
> and
> and
> and



Contrast the hopeful world alternatives in the Power Links web page to the Drug War Incarceration Nation led by the Republicans:

*World drug reform. POWER LINKS. INTERNATIONAL. Saner Cannabis and Drug Policies worldwide. Harm reduction examples. Universal healthcare is available in many of these nations that use a public health and harm reduction approach to drugs. Compilation of many world press articles. In chronological order. Many with Green Party info, too. and

The REPUBLICANS, past and present -- Orrin Hatch, Rocky McCollum (anti-medical marijuana House Resolution 372 sponsor), Gordon Smith (anti-medical marijuana Senate Resolution 86 sponsor), Steve Forbes (against DC medical-marijuana initiative), William Bennett (against Colorado medical-marijuana intitiative, and first Drug Czar), Dan Lungren (was a fanatic anti-medical marijuana attorney general in California), Pete Wilson (vetoed several California medical marijuana bills), Gerald Solomon, Phil Gramm, Bob Barr (HR 372 cosponsor and longtime 100 to 1 crack/powder sentencing ratio supporter), Lauch Faircloth, Jesse Helms, Rob Portman (HR 372 cosponsor), Steve Chabot (HR 372 cosponsor), Louis Blessing (Ohio senate sponsor of bill that killed medical marijuana defense in Ohio), and many more -- led by their past and present fearless leaders Newt Gingrich, Hastert, etc., are redeclaring Total Drug War. They are fearlessly going after the forces of evil, attacking sick and dying medical marijuana users, sick and dying dirty needle users, etc.. What courage! What dumb-asses!



*NORML [Top 5 USA Anti-Marijuana Zealots. All Are Republicans].|

*[Republican US Senator] Orrin Hatch [Chief Drug Warrior. Head of Senate Judiciary committee. He passes the Drug-War Laws].

*10-1998. Utah. GOP chief DRUG WARRIOR Senator Orrin Hatch? "excessive preoccupation with social causes, race relations, environmental issues, etc."


NEWT GINGRICH. Republicans Redeclare All-out Drug War in 1998. [TopLink]

*4-1997. Gingrich on death penalty for cannabis. 1996 & 2000 electioneering, demagoguery.: How does fascism occur in a nation? Death penalty and life without parole for cannabis. Many people with life now.
"Hypocrisy! Last fall [1996 election year], House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R Ga., introduced a bill requiring either the death penalty or a life sentence for anyone who brings more than two ounces of pot into America. Do you suppose Gingrich thinks the son of his conservative colleague should be put to death for hauling eight pounds and growing 30 plants? Of course not." and

4-2000. Vietnam Executes Canadian Woman. Drug Warriors, communists, Republicans, Newt Gingrich. Drug war gone mad. Newt's fruits of evil.

*1998 USA drug war legislation. REPUBLICANS (GOP) sponsored nearly all the bad bills. A detailed summary of drug war escalation. The "Year of the Newt."

*4-1998. Gingrich To "Drug" Test Staff; "Test Members Of Congress."

*4-1998. [GOP on MJ Possession: Students Lose Federal Loans].

*4-1998. Republicans Plan Major Campaign for Drug-Free America.

*May 6, 1998 DrugSense Weekly. Feature article. "Republicans Promise a Bigger and More Expensive Ineffective Drug War" By Kevin B. Zeese.

*6-1998. [Cincinnati GOP Congressman] Portman's Anti-Drug Bill Passes House.



*THE EPIDEMIC OF DRUG-RELATED AIDS [This excellent DRCnet website has a clickable U.S. map to get stats for each state, and more].

*1996. [Hepatitis C epidemic plagues IDUs. Injection Drug Users].

*2-28. Colorado State Senate Okays Needle Exchange: Republican State Chair Explicitly Threatens Reps Who Vote in Favor.

*2-1998. [Hepatitis C epidemic is mostly drug-related].

*2-1998. The Hepatitis C Epidemic-Implications for Drug Policy.
DrugSense Weekly
February 11, 1998 #033.

*2-1998. The Hepatitis C Epidemic-Implications for Drug Policy ~ Part II.
DrugSense Weekly February 17, 1998 #34.

*3-1998. Harm Reduction and Hepatitis C: (Part 3).
DrugSense Weekly March 11, 1998 #037.

*3-1998. [Colorado] GOP [Republicans] Vote Immoral On Needle Exchange.

*4-1998. USA TODAY...Sticking It To Needles [40% of AIDS SINCE 1981!].

*4-1998. GOP Balks at Idea of Lifting Ban on [Federal] Needle Funding.

*4-1998. [Portman and] Gingrich Blasts Clinton Needle Exchange Stance.



*2-1998. Press Release from Republican Rep. McCollum, Sponsor of House Anti-Medical Marijuana Resolution [372] And NORML's Response.|

*2-1998. House Republicans Declare: Damn the Science, [H Res. 372].

*2-1998. MPP. H.Res. 372 (House anti-medicinal marijuana resolution).

*3-1998. NORML - Legislative Alert [Republicans' H Res. 372 history].

*4-1998. Nation. Rebuttal of H. Res. 372- A Case of Mistaken Identity.



It should be remembered while reading the following web pages that cannabis has never killed anybody in recorded history.

*4-1998. NORML News - April 9 1998 [anti-medical marijuana bill passed in US Senate].

*4-1998. Drug Reactions Kill Over 100,000 a Year in U.S., Report Says.

*4-1998. [!CORRECTLY-] Prescribed Drugs Make 1 in 15 Sicker.



*12-1996. California's Police State Under Dan Lungren and Pete Wilson.

*Biography of [CA Republican] Daniel Lungren, Attorney General.

*1994 California Voter Information. [Republican] Dan Lungren.|

*6-1998. High Court Oks [Lungren-pushed] Stiff '3-Strikes' Sentences.


GEORGE BUSH, SENIOR, and OLIVER NORTH. Iran-contra-cocaine, CIA, secret communications, Colombia today. [TopLink]

*6-1998. Progressive. Still Seeing Red: The CIA Fosters Death Squads In Colombia.
"In the name of fighting drugs, the CIA financed new military intelligence networks there in 1991. ... they incorporated illegal paramilitary groups into their ranks and fostered death squads. These death squads killed trade unionists, peasant leaders, human-rights, journalists, and other suspected 'subversives.' ... In May 1991, Colombia completely reorganized its military intelligence networks 'based on the recommendations made by the commission of U.S. military advisers,' according to the secret Colombian reorganization order, which Human Rights Watch made public in 1996. ... The secret Colombian order instructed the military to maintain plausible deniability from the networks and their crimes. Retired military officers and other civilians were to act as clandestine liaisons between the networks and the military commanders. All open communications 'must be avoided.' There 'must be no written contracts with informants or civilian members of the network; everything must be agreed to orally.' And the entire chain of command 'will be covert and compartmentalized, allowing for the necessary flexibility to cover targets of interest.' Facts about the new intelligence networks became known only after four former agents in Barrancabermeja began testifying in 1993 about the intelligence network there. What compelled them to come forward? Each said the military was actively trying to kill them in order to cover up the network and its crimes. By then the military had 'disappeared' four other ex-agents in an attempt to keep the network and its operations secret." and;
The New Press: The Iran-Contra Scandal: A National Security Archive Documents Reader.
The New Press: White House E-Mail: The Secret Computer Messages the Reagan/Bush White House Tried to Destroy.



*Racism of Republicrat Drug War. CHARTS. Revised. Many links and notes. This racism page linked just below has charts for black, white, and Hispanic inmate numbers and rates in the USA; and U.S. state by state disenfranchisement (no voting rights) laws. Many drug war notes, and LINKS to many more charts. Republican evil, Democrat complicity. Republicrat drug war disenfranchises (no voting rights) millions of voters (mostly poor people of color). Modern corporate control of the poor. and

*Walter Cronkite - Excerpts from his works [and 1995 Drug War show].

*Drug War 101. 1980-1997 U.S. Incarceration rates. Some USA history starting
with Republican President Nixon. And in 2nd half - Progressive nations' cannabis and drug policies. Many links and charts!

*Cost of the War on Drugs. [U.S. yearly chart].

*10-1995. YOUNG BLACK AMERICANS. [Sentencing Project. Republican 100 to 1 crack/powder ratio].

*What Are MMS? [Federal Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Table. FAMM. Families Against Mandatory Minimums].

*FAMM Facts [Average Federal Sentences. LONGEST FOR DRUGS!].

*3-1998. US NY: Violent, Sadistic, Racist Officers of the Law.

*1-1998. [U.S. Drug War Racism] The Week Online with DRCnet, issue #26.

*3-1997. Prisons, America's Newest Growth Industry. [WITH NRA HELP via their support for "truth in sentencing," (mandatory minimum sentencing)!].

*2-1998. UK perspective: The Drugs World War - What went wrong? (Pt. 2).



[Nixon] emphasized that you have to face the fact that the whole problem is really the blacks. the key is to devise a system that recognizes this while appearing not to.
H. R. Haldeman

*Smoke and Mirrors [Chapter one. Details Nixon-GOP Drug War].

*Smoke and mirrors, [Wallace, Nixon, Republican Racism, Drug War].

*Smoke and Mirrors [1968 Nixon Republicans Law-and-Order Drug War].

*[Smoke and Mirrors. Republican Drug War versus War on Poverty].

*In Print [Smoke and Mirrors review. How Nixon started Drug War].

*Smoke and Mirrors [Nixon-Reagan Republicans. Drug War detailed].

*[Smoke and Mirrors. Republican Medicaid cuts and Crack Baby Myth].

*10-1996. In Washington, [Nixon declared "War On Drugs" in 1971].

*U.S. Slowly Drifting Toward a Police State. ["...the most lasting of the legacies of Ronald Reagan."].

*4-1998. Colorado. Capitol Rally Opposes Medical Marijuana Ballot Issue [and Republican ex-Drug Czar (under Bush) William Bennett joins in].

*1995. The Successes and Failures of George Bush's War on Drugs.


Drug War charts, and more. [TopLink]