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American Deaths in Iraq:
*Hostile-fire deaths:
Casualty counters

Wikipedia: Casualties of the Iraq War

Non-hostile-fire deaths include deaths from:



There is inadequate equipment, food, shelter, armor, healthcare and support for soldiers in the field, and for veterans on returning home.

*Amputation Rate for US Troops Twice That of Past Wars. Dec. 9, 2004 article from the Boston Globe. and

*The USA is almost the only Western (long democratic traditions) nation without universal healthcare. Universal healthcare actually costs less per capita than U.S. healthcare, because universal healthcare treats health problems earlier. Charts, links, info, and healthcare comparisons worldwide. Mirrors: and and

*National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.

*Operation Truth.
The Mental Strain of War: and
Depleted uranium: and
Vets Groups Slam Proposed VA Budget: and
Budget Proposal Hurts Veteran Health Benefits: and
Injured Vets Need More Care. Inadequate Services for Severely Injured Vets.

*More media articles: and,0,5187874.story?coll=ny-liminute-headlines and and

"No one has warned the vendor in the faded, threadbare black gown to keep the toxic and radioactive dust off her produce. The children haven't been told not to play with the radioactive debris. They gather around as a Geiger counter carried by a visiting reporter starts singing when it nears a DU [depleted uranium] bullet fragment no bigger than a pencil eraser. It registers nearly 1,000 times normal background radiation levels on the digital readout. ... In the first partial Pentagon disclosure of the amount of DU used in Iraq, a US Central Command spokesman told the Monitor that A-10 Warthog aircraft - the same planes that shot at the Iraqi planning ministry - fired 300,000 bullets. The normal combat mix for these 30-mm rounds is five DU bullets to 1 - a mix that would have left about 75 tons of DU in Iraq. ... In the first Gulf War, US forces used 320 tons of DU, 80 percent of it fired by A-10 aircraft."
-- Christian Science Monitor. May 15, 2003. Emphasis added. 

It is the exploded DU shell dust everywhere that is most dangerous. Especially when in drinking water, or when eaten or when breathed in. As a heavy metal DU is dangerous like lead and other heavy metals. Alpha radiation inside the body is also dangerous to health. Alpha radiation outside the body can be blocked by a piece of paper.



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