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With less than 5% of world population the USA has over 2.4 million of 9.8 million world prisoners! The majority of U.S. inmates are in due to the drug war.
Most Republican leaders oppose cheap universal healthcare. 45,000 uninsured Americans die each year due to lack of health insurance.
Chart. Parole violations and drugs. Percentage of violators returned to prison for failing urine tests, associating with drug users, etc..
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*Parole violations and drugs. Chart.

*More Drug War charts, and other info.

Parole violations, and drugs. Chart. [TopLink]


Public-domain chart as image, followed by text format.

16.1% is the percentage of parole violators returned to state prisons in 1997 for drug related violations; for failing drug tests, possession of drugs, failing to report for drug testing, failing to report for alcohol or drug treatment. Info is from Table 21 of this report:
*Trends in State Parole, 1990-2000. NCJ 184735. October 2001. U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics. See Table 21.

Parole violations chart.
http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:U.S. parole revocation reasons. 1997 stats.gif

CHART. USA. Parole violations and drugs.
Reasons for revocation among parole violators in State
prison, for all States, 1997.* Percentage of violators
returned to state prisons for possession of drugs, failing
drug tests, avoiding alcohol or drug treatment, etc.. 



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Trends in State Parole, 1990-2000. NCJ 184735.
 U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics. See Table 21.
https://corporatism.tripod.com/majority.htm __
*Note: Data are from the Survey of Inmates in State Adult
Correctional Facilities, 1997. Excludes 37,440 parole
violators who reported that their parole had not been
revoked. Detail adds to more than 100% because some
inmates may have had more than 1 violation of parole.

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*Majority of over 2.3 million U.S. prisoners are in due to drug war. Drug offenders, plus inmates in for drug-related crimes (such as robbing to get money for drugs that are expensive because of the drug war), plus drug trade crimes, plus drug-related parole violations, etc.. The USA has the world's highest incarceration rate. The USA has 5% of the world's population and 25% of the world's 9.2 million prisoners. The Drug-War Industrial Complex. Statistics, references, links, and charts:
https://corporatism.tripod.com/majority.htm and


More Drug War charts, and other info. [TopLink]