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With less than 5% of world population the USA has over 2.4 million of 9.8 million world prisoners! The majority of U.S. inmates are in due to the drug war.
Most Republican leaders oppose cheap universal healthcare. 45,000 uninsured Americans die each year due to lack of health insurance.
Drug War Prison Gulags (mostly in USA). Horrors of the prison industrial complex. Worldwide links. Brutality of police, prisons, guards. The Drug War aspects, connections, links, causes, politics, etc.. Brutality, scapegoating, war crimes, investigations, coverups, news stories, groups, activism, etc..
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*Drug War charts, and more.


This links list focuses on the horrors of the gulags of the U.S. prison-industrial complex at all stages of the criminal and civil justice systems. The main, though not exclusive, focus is the drug war.

See also the following compilations (in order to avoid duplicating the links here). There are many links in the web pages below that detail drug war horrors. Especially the litany of horrors instituted by Rightist-Republican-led drug war laws. Also check out the many links listed in the first 2 web pages below about the incredibly long (5 years to life) mandatory minimum drug sentences, and also the 2 and 3 strikes laws. These sentences do not allow parole until nearly all the sentence is served. The far-right Republican leadership of the NRA (National Rifle Association) lobbied hard, and pushed these laws through at the state level - for many states. Many NRA members are not aware of this yet. TELL THEM.

*Republicans lead U.S. Drug War. Democrats follow Republican evil. Huge LINKS list! U.S. Drug-war Industrial Complex. Republican fundamentalist holy war. Friendly Fascism. Drug war leaders are the rabid right, hate radio, hate television, NRA (National Rifle Association), religious right, (snortin') George Bush the hypocrite, etc.. Republican-led drug war disenfranchises (no voting rights) millions of voters (mostly Democrat-voting blacks).
https://corporatism.tripod.com/gop.htm and

*Terrorism of USA. Death Squads, Drug War. Many links worldwide. Millions killed over decades. Mostly US-run or US-aided terrorist death squads worldwide. Other death squads, too. Today's death squads, and older ones such as the US-run Phoenix Program during the Vietnam war. Terrorism and corruption at all levels of politics, police, society, media, business, unions, government, etc.. Lists in alphabetical and chronological order. Huge LINKS list.
https://corporatism.tripod.com/squads.htm and

*World Drug War Charts. Just the charts. Few notes. Compilation of many charts, tables and rates. For incarceration, race, jail, prison, cannabis, drugs, mandatory minimums, drug related crime, poverty, murder, and more. Revised. The USA has 5% of the world's population and 25% of the world's prisoners. The USA surpassed Russia in the year 2000 and again has the world's highest incarceration rate! The U.S. rate is over 3 times higher than it was in 1980 during the first presidential election of far-right arch-drug-warriors Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6) and Nancy ("Just Say No") Reagan. It is around 5 to 20 times higher than all other Western (long democratic traditions) nations.
https://corporatism.tripod.com/charts2.htm and
*See also the political and research sections of the
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Prison Industrial Complex. Drug War Gulags. Links list. By date. Latest on top. [TopLink]

This page is not updated regularly. Go to MAP-DrugNews and CannabisNews.com for the latest info. They both have search engines.
http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews and

*Search Drug War and more. Shortcuts. Search engines. Directories. Press archives. Search forms.
https://corporatism.tripod.com/search.htm and

*November Coalition: Prisoner Abuse: References and Resources for Media.

*7-2005. "I need help w/US prison research." Forum thread started by Renee Boje.

*Renee Boje photo, banner, image gallery. With links about prison brutality, etc..

*9-2004. US/Canadian Pot Refugee Decision. Renee Boje. Medical cannabis. Forwarded emails. Cruel, brutal, and inhumane treatment of women in U.S. prisons and jails. Detailed.
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/drugwarnews/message/1376 and
http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/cannabisaction/message/1067 and
http://www.cannabisculture.com/forums/showflat.php?Number=962213 -forum thread.

*6-2000. Defend Paul Wright! {brutality activist in Washington state prison who is being censored from continuing to publish his 10 year old brutality newsletter}
http://www.egroups.com/message/hemp-talk/8549 and

*6-2000. Can mail web copies to inmates. [Kay Lee on censorship battle in Florida prisons in order to cover up continuing prison brutality]. First link is for a long message board thread. 2nd link is to Drug War News message, just one of many Drug War News email list messages Kay Lee has sent concerning prison brutality.
http://boards.marihemp.com/boards/message.shtml?1x26521 and
http://www.egroups.com/message/drugwarnews/344 and

*2-2000. Racial Profiling Endangers Justice. Also, an AllTheWeb.com press search at end. Roll Call Online summarizes the many racist aspects of US justice and Drug War. Racial profiling. Wrongful executions. Racist drug arrests & prison statistics.
*1-2000. First Governor to halt executions in USA. After death, do we just say "Ooops, we goofed." The U.S. criminal-"justice"-prison-industrial-complex can't even get fair trials for murder cases. And LA cops busted recently for framing many drug cases.
*12-1999. Confined at Fuchu Prison: pg#0001. JAPANESE-STYLE TORTURE. Detailed Diary: Increasing levels of torture (both observed and experienced) detailed in diary of AMERICAN prisoner in JAPAN.
*12-1999. Obedience to Authority. JAPANESE PRISON SYSTEM Is Fundamentally Different. "A guard at his side takes notes on everything said as Crittenden explains why he's suing the Japanese government for abuse."
*12-1999. JAPAN. Inmate Describes Forced Prison Labor, Abuse. TORTURE OF AMERICAN POW. "25-year-old disk jockey, was completing a two-week tour in Japan when he was caught with 3.5 grams of cocaine, 18 hits of Ecstasy and 1.5 grams of marijuana."
*11-1999. Texas. Reefer Madness? One cannabis joint and children taken away! "Do we live in a country where the government can come into your home without a court order and take your child?...unsuccessfully applied for Medicaid 4 times."

*11-1999. Renee Boje Willing To Surrender, leave CANADA, and be extradited for USA trial by DEA thugs, if Peter McWilliams permitted to use medical cannabis and to live. MAP SHORTCUT URL FOR RENEE BOJE PRESS ARCHIVES SEARCH!

*9-1999. ABC NEWS. Wanted AMERICAN Flees To CANADA. RENEE BOJE. LINKS! "A similar, first-time offense in Canada, Conroy said, would likely result in nothing more than a fine and probation... Amnesty International and U.N. reports."

*8-1999. Norway. Court Won't Extradite Man To Stand Trial In The U.S. 50 tons! of hashish. "In a unanimous decision, the high court questioned whether U.S. jails meet the humanitarian standard required for extradition under Norwegian law."

*8-1999. Stalking Rudy and Hilary: Al 'Grandpa Munster' Lewis Interview. GREEN. "Over two million people are in gulags ...write to Al Lewis, WBAI, 120 Wall Street, NY, NY 10005. These people are being buried alive." WORLDWIDE loco-weed!!

*8-1999. US-Australian study: US "zero-tolerance" policies cause more deaths and overdoses and disease surrounding injection drug use than Australian harm-reduction policies. The spread of HIV in the USA comes mainly from dirty needles!
*7-1999. USA. DRCNet. News Briefs. 25 years to life for stealing food. Appeal lost. 3 strikes law. Drug war tool. See end of http://www.prop1.org/legal/prisons/970317itt.htm about this Republican, NRA (National Rifle Association) law.
*7-1999. Torture In The American Gulag. PRISON RAPE as tool of control. By FBI, GOP, guards. More men raped in prisons every day than women everywhere. Nixon-Reagan drug war to control poor. Amnesty International. Stop Prisoner Rape.
http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v99.n752.a03.html and
*7-1999. UK. We've Got It So Wrong On Drugs. Senior judge Lord McCluskey. Ignites firestorm by calling for a Royal Commission on sentencing policy. "Is importing cannabis really four times worse than the rape of a woman?"

*7-1999. UK. A Matter Of Substance. Cannabis decriminalization, legalization: Continuing clamor from Lord McCluskey, politicians, judges, police, wardens, guards, youth, patients, doctors, rallies, committees, polls, environmentalists.

*3-1999. America's One Million Nonviolent Prisoners. [Actually, it is almost 1.2 million out of the 1.8 million total U.S. inmates at midyear 1998. Justice Policy Institute].|

*3-1999. US: America's Misguided Drug War. [Christian Science Monitor. Groundbreaking article showing how the police push drugs block-by-block because they chase the dealers all over town. Also the lack of treatment due to funds going to prison industrial complex. Holland's successful alternative].|

*3-1999. Guatemala. Genocide, And Drug-Trafficking Too. [great summary of CIA genocidal death-squad collaboration over 44 years. All the way from when the CIA helped overthrow elected government in 1954, while Republican Nixon was vice-president].|

*3-1999. US NY. [Republican governor] Pataki To Propose Stiffer Sentencing Laws [state prison mandatory minimums to be EXPANDED for nonviolent offenders!!!].|

*3-1999. US. Abuse of Female Prisoners in U.S. Is Routine, Rights
Report Says. [Amnesty International].|

*3-1999. Kubby Letter To Libertarian Party "Blue Ribbon Committee" Details Abuses of Local Police. [excellent examples of harassment, both legal and illegal, by so-called law-enforcement. Steve Kubby was the Libertarian Party candidate for governor in California in 1998. Narcs are using "final solution" on Kubby and Peter McWilliams in order to stifle a political party!! Both may die from the narcs actions].|

*2-1999. USA. Time magazine: A Get-Tough Policy That Failed. [mandatory minimum sentencing, nonviolent drug offenders, 2 and 3-strikes laws, habitual offenders laws, 2 million behind bars].|

*1-1999. Feds May Trade Leniency for Testimony. and, EDITORIAL: Buying Testimony, Perverting Justice. [DRCNet, January 15, 1999. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Overturns Singleton Ruling, and same week as "Snitches" PBS show].|
http://www.drcnet.org/wol/074.html#singleton and

*1-1999. SNITCH. PBS video on informants. Info on ordering it, and permission to play it at meetings, etc..|

*1-1999. Forfeiture Scandal in Missouri. [Good press exposure of typical nationwide forfeiture loopholes that allow proceeds to be diverted from schools, and into the coffers of federal, state, and local police. Usually without any convictions EVER!!].|

*1-1999. U.S. Prison-Industrial Complex Is A Growing Threat. [incarceration rate mentioned does not include jail inmates].|

*1-1999. UPI. Human Rights Watch Slams NY Drug Laws. [Republican 1973 Rockefeller laws and nonviolent drug offenders. 1973 GOP laws were first drug mandatory minimums in the USA].|

*12-98. New York. Prisons now cost more than higher education yearly. Republicans' 1973 mandatory-minimum Rockefeller drug laws to blame. Racism.|

*12-98. The Prison-Industrial Complex. [Atlantic Monthly magazine. Huge article detailing the incredible corruption and horror of US incarceration].|

*12-98. The Prison-Industrial Complex (Pt 3). WORLDWIDE US military intelligence: and GLOBAL private prisons: WACKENHUT. "the nation's largest private collection of files on alleged 'subversives.'" Securicor, Sodexho. DRUG MANDATORY MINIMUMS!

*12-98. Appalachia: Under the Gun. [DRCNet on poverty, intensive federal Drug War intervention, fighting back, War on Poverty history, latest poverty, etc.].|

*12-98. New York. Prisons now cost more than higher education yearly. GOP's 1973 Rockefeller drug laws to blame. Racism.|

*11-98. US CA: Prison Shootings Unjustified. [Republican Dan Lungren's Death Squads].|

*10-98. ACLU -- NY Times Op-Ed Advertisement, October 6, 1998. [ads, lawsuits, bills, faxes, info against "Driving While Black" drug stops].|

*10-98. ACLU -- NY Times Op-Ed Advertisement, October 6, 1998. ["Driving While Black" ACLU message BOARD thru October].|

*5-98. USA. Mandatory Life Without Parole for Woman after First Offense.|

*4-98. "Once upon a time, I believed in America." A Letter From Will Foster, Serving 93 Years For Medical Marijuana. [sentence reduced since this letter and worldwide continuing outrage].|

*3-98. US NY: Violent, Sadistic, Racist Officers of the Law.|

*1-98. 17 year-old first-time offender gets 10 years in prison for role in $20 marijuana sale.|

*1996. Gingrich for death penalty for 2 ounces of cannabis! 1996 & 2000 electioneering, demagoguery. How does fascism occur in a nation? Death penalty and life without parole for cannabis. Many people with life now.

*10-1995. YOUNG BLACK AMERICANS. [and the criminal justice system. Sentencing Project report].|


Groups, websites, projects, books, etc.. Alphabetical order. [TopLink]

*About SPR. 80,000 unwanted sexual acts behind bars in USA daily. SPR = Stop Prisoner Rape. War Crimes. Drug War.

*AIUSA: Rights for All: Torture and abuse of prisoners. Amnesty International's campaign on the United States of America.

*Amnesty International message board on brutality in US women's prisons, jails. web page URLs made clickable! Leave messages and URLs for Renee Boje medical cannabis case. Seeks asylum in Canada due to inhumane US sentences, brutal guards.

*book: STOLEN LIVES - KILLED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT Second Edition, now documenting over 2,000 cases.

*Conversations In Prison.|

*Database of Abusive Police.

*Drugs [Citizen Truth Commissions on Drugs, Government Complicity and Our Communities. A Project of the Institute for Policy Studies. "organized in cooperation with community groups in the cities in which they will convene"].|

*DRUG WAR NEWS. Homepage for open egroups.com mailing list, & online list ARCHIVE. Messages, links, etc. about CHARTS, MMM, prison brutality [many Kay Lee messages], and much more. Anybody (including non-subscribers) can click "messages" button to see the latest ones. Monthly archives, too. A "POST" button at link below. Unsubscribe there, too. Click "subscribe" button to join. Info, description, links:

*Families Against Mandatory Minimums.|

*F.E.A.R. - Victim Stories. [forfeiture].|

*Heicklen, Julian Phillip. Tales from Pennsylvania Prisons.|

* History of The Drug Laws. [Racism of Drug War. History in vast detail].|

*Human Rights and the Drug War.|

*Human Rights Watch: Prison Conditions in the USA. [Awesome. Many links. Drug offenders. Mandatory minimums. Torture].|

*Kansas City Star - Special project: Drug forfeitures.|

*LIVE police scanners on the web! 10 CITIES! Keep an ear to the horrors of the DRUG WAR! Want to hear racial profiling in action? the latest POWs taken in by the Drug War? the latest police brutality? the latest non-violent drug user busted?

*Medical Marijuana Magazine. Table of contents. Many articles about Peter McWilliams, Todd McCormick, other patients, etc.. One-of-a-kind source of info.|

*November Coalition

*November Coalition: Prisoner Abuse: References and Resources for Media.

*Police Compaint Center.

*Police Brutality links (Refuse & Resist's Links page).

*Prison Activist Resource Center.|

*Prisoner Message CD. Voice of the Prisoner. Audio CD. 25 recorded messages from Drug War Prisoners and family members. Perfect for radio clips, public service, web audio, etc.. Free to radio stations. $11 to others.|
http://www.november.org/prisoncd.html and

*Prisons, America's Newest Growth Industry. [and NRA help in filling them via its strong support for mandatory-minimums. Charlton Heston, etc.].|

*Prisons: Growth Industry of the Nineties by Dr. Dave West.|

*Prof David's Corrections Resources. HUGE! Worldwide! LINKS galore.: Anything you want to know about prisons, their history, numbers inside, brutality, reform, rapes, activism, drug war, other nations, etc..

*A Punk's Song. [prison rape. Terminology. Turning nonviolent into violent. Prisoner power structure. Forced sex slavery via fear of death. American gulags].|

*Rape of Incarcerated Americans: A Preliminary Statistical Look. [scary stats considering that most US inmates are from Drug War/trade/money].|

*Shattered Lives: Portraits From America's Drug War. Book by Mikki Norris, Chris Conrad, and Virginia Resner.|

*Stop Prison Rape. Tom Cahill articles, organizations, etc.. Search shortcut.

*Suzan Penkwitz; Women in Prison. [Drug War "justice"].|

*U.S. Slowly Drifting Toward a Police State. [and Reagan info].|

*Will Foster, a martyr in the war on drugs.|

*What To Do [when your property has been seized. Practical guide from the experts at F.E.A.R. (Forfeiture Endangers American Rights). Also explains the legal history and horrors].|

*Yahoo! Full Coverage: Prison Issues. Awesome compilation of links.

*Ya-Hooka.com - Many RENEE BOJE web pages. AMERICAN seeks asylum in CANADA: due to long inhumane US sentences; brutal humiliating US prison guards; DEA medical cannabis fascism. At the end of the Yahooka results page that one gets from clicking the link below there are more search shortcut links at the end - preset for her name. "Rene" will pull up both "Rene and "Renee"


Woody Guthrie:

Woody Guthrie
this machine kills fascists


Drug War charts, and more. [TopLink]