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With less than 5% of world population the USA has over 2.4 million of 9.8 million world prisoners! The majority of U.S. inmates are in due to the drug war.
Most Republican leaders oppose cheap universal healthcare. 45,000 uninsured Americans die each year due to lack of health insurance.
Latin American death squad links. Drug war and more. U.S.-aided terrorism. Many killed over decades. Torture on an industrial scale. Murder, corruption, destabilization, disinformation, subversion of democracy, etc.. Above the Law. What IS it about Texas, coup d'etats, Dallas, "grassy knolls," contra-cocaine, Big Oil, Bush and the Texas cocaine cowboy posse, etc.?
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Introduction. [TopLink]

This page is not updated often. For more info use Google to search for "dirty war" or "death squad" etc..

This page covers Latin American death squads
in general, and also those that are related to the drug war. Related pages to check out:

*Colombia death squad links. Drug war and more. U.S.-aided terrorism. Many killed over decades. Torture on an industrial scale. Murder, corruption, destabilization, disinformation, subversion of democracy, etc.. Above the Law.
https://corporatism.tripod.com/colombia2.htm and

*U.S. Phoenix Program in Vietnam. Death squad page. Many links:
https://www.angelfire.com/rnb/y/phoenix.htm and

*Terrorism of USA. Death Squads, Drug War. Many links worldwide. Millions killed over decades. Mostly US-run or US-aided terrorist death squads worldwide. Other death squads, too. Today's death squads, and older ones such as the US-run Phoenix Program during the Vietnam war. Terrorism and corruption at all levels of politics, police, society, media, business, unions, government, etc.. Lists in alphabetical and chronological order. Huge LINKS list.
https://corporatism.tripod.com/squads.htm and


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Dates below are sometimes indicated only by the month and year numbers. For example, 11-2003 stands for November 2003. The links below are also eventually placed in the appropriate alphabetical or chronological link list section. Some links never make it to this section you are reading in now. Those links are put directly into the appropriate section, such as the Colombia section.

*Narco News Declares Augusto Pinochet Narco of the Year 2000. "Like the Drug War, this man was imposed by the US Government... Like the Drug War, this man has committed untold atrocities... This man is a known Narco-Kingpin, but few speak of that fact..." Chilean dictator and mass murderer helped into power in 1973 with the aid of the USA.

*7-2002. Generals Lose Florida Torture Case. July 24 2002. "A federal jury in Florida on Tuesday ordered two retired Salvadoran generals to pay 54.6 million dollars to three compatriots who were tortured by the armed forces during El Salvador's brutal civil war in the 1980s." The last half of the article details the horrific crippling torture. Your CIA-cocaine tax dollars at work?

*9-2002. South American Holocaust by Reverend Damuzi (01 Sept, 1999). From Cannabis Culture magazine.

*7-2002. Why are CIA & FBI Targeting Me? By Jennifer Harbury, July 22 2002. Guatemalan rights, torture, death squads, cover-up.

*7-1998. Washington Post. U.S. Military Trains Foreign Troops. "Under a 1991 law exempting them from many congressional and White House restrictions, American special operations forces have established military ties in at least 110 countries, unencumbered by public debate, effective civilian oversight or the consistent involvement of senior U.S. foreign affairs officials. The law, Section 2011 of Title 10 of the U.S. code, ..."

*9-1999. The South's Special Forces. By Michael Steinberg (posted 9/99). Portland Free Press. "However, in 1991 a bland sounding piece of Pentagon sponsored legislation--Section 2011 of Title 10 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations--changed all that. The law allowed U.S. Special Forces to be deployed in foreign countries if their primary purpose was to receive rather than give training there. Perhaps most significantly, this legislation largely exempted Special Forces on these missions from [laws preventing their] training with known human rights violators." Some history: "7th Special Forces Group. The 7th's webpage ... During the early '80s the unit `drafted the initial plan for U.S. military trainers in El Salvador' and `played a critical role in helping the Salvadorean military grow ... to a counterinsurgency force of 55,000 men under arms'."
http://www.teleport.com/~pfp/ -Overall index page.
http://www.teleport.com/~pfp/Pages/NWO_Index_Page.html - "Posted 9-99."
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cia-drugs/message/22806 and

*7-2001. Blood on his Hands. An Iran Contra[-COCAINE] Veteran Returns to the White House. "GEORGE W. BUSH has chosen Elliott Abrams, a man who has admitted to lying repeatedly to Congress and to the nation about his own role in the contra scandals, ... According to figures assembled by the human rights office of the Catholic Archdiocese in San Salvador, in the period between 1980 to 1989, government-sponsored or government-assisted death squads killed 41,048 citizens [in El Salvador]. The equivalent figure for the left-wing guerillas, whom the US sought to defeat, was 776, including kidnappings."
http://www.commondreams.org/views01/0710-03.htm and


Henry Kissinger. [TopLink]

*5-2004. Contra-Intelligence on Oliver North - by Celerino Castillo 3rd: Drugwar.com
"North was brought into the National Security Council staff in August 1981. One of the first assignments was to serve as the NSC staff liaison to the Kissinger Commission on Central America beginning in the summer of 1983. After October 1984, Vice President Bush designated North to coordinate the re-supply operations for the Contra network. At the same time, he was involved in various schemes to ransom U.S. hostages being held in Lebanon, by providing arms to Iran."

*12-2003. Kissinger approved Argentinian 'dirty war'. Dec. 6, 2003, Guardian (UK). "He [Kissinger] has already been implicated in war crimes committed during his term in office, notably in connection with the 1973 Chilean coup. ... According to a verbatim transcript of a meeting on October 7 1976, Mr Kissinger reassured the [Argentinian] foreign minister that he had US backing in whatever he did. ... tacit approval of the US, on which it was dependent for financial and military aid. The junta, which ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1983, fell after the military's defeat in the Falklands war. During its period in power an estimated 30,000 people may have been arrested, tortured and killed."

*The Memory Hole > "Kissinger Declassified" by Lucy Komisar. 1976 Kissinger meeting with Pinochet. Death Squads and torture. Elected leaders overthrown. Freely-elected socialists are in power in many nations, and to U.S. Republicans all socialists are communists, and thus deserving of Pinochet-style overthrow (1973) of elected leaders, and torture and murder of thousands. Allende was a socialist, and he was elected in a free election in Chile. The CIA also helped overthrow progressive elected leaders in Iran and Guatemala in 1953 and 1954.

*Former Secretary of State Kissinger Remembers. Many links to articles detailing Henry Kissinger's death squad involvement.

*9-2001. CBS News. Family To Sue Kissinger For Death. Sat, 08 Sep 2001 14:55:04 EDT.

*9-2001. BBC News. Kissinger accused over Chile plot.

*BBC News | THE PINOCHET FILE | Special report: The Pinochet file.

*9-2001. Kissinger is sued. Death squads. CHARTS - Latest.
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cia-drugs/message/23917 and


Link list in CHRONOLOGICAL order. [TopLink]

*6-2000. US: Drug Agency's Former 'Super-Snitch' Says His Work Is A Mission. "The DEA only admitted that Chambers had an extensive arrest record after Dean Steward, a federal public defender in California, sued the agency for Chambers' records. The agency fought him for two years before a court ordered Chambers' records disclosed. Steward says the drug agency had a lot to hide. 'Chambers has been arrested 16 times - they admit that now,' Steward says. 'I'm a defense attorney, and I don't know many people who have been arrested that many times. And many of his cases have been fraud-related, things that go to his credibility.' "

*6-2000. CIA Admits Tolerating Contra- Cocaine Trafficking in 1980s.
http://www.egroups.com/message/drugwarnews/354 and
http://www.egroups.com/message/hemp-talk/8550 and

*5-2000. Nun Control Act of 2000.

*1-2000. Pinochet-Nixon-CIA Drug War Roots. Chile, Colombia, death squads. Republican President Nixon's creation of the mass-murdering Pinochet dictatorship. During the same years as Watergate, and his declaration of a "War on Drugs."
http://www.egroups.com/group/drugwarnews/100.html? ____ v2.
http://www.egroups.com/group/hemp-talk/7569.html? ____ v2.
http://pub3.ezboard.com/fdrugpolicyreformdrugwarroots __ v3.

*JANUARY 16, 2000. The election in Chile of Ricardo Lagos, the first socialist leader since the elected government of Salvador Allende was violently overthrown in 1973 with the massive aid of NIXON'S CIA.

Reuters article:
http://biz.yahoo.com/rf/000117/p1.html ____________
It's the third article in the following copies of the same Drug War Roots message.
http://www.egroups.com/group/drugwarnews/100.html? and
http://www.egroups.com/group/hemp-talk/7569.html? and
http://pub3.ezboard.com/fdrugpolicyreformdrugwarroots and;
*Yahoo! Full Coverage: Pinochet Extradition.
http://fullcoverage.yahoo.com/fc/World/Pinochet/ and;
*DerechosChile - Sites of Memory-Colonia Dignidad. Latin-American German colony known as "La Dignidad," where many people were tortured, and many "disappeared."
http://www.derechoschile.com/english/dignidad.htm and;
*1973-76. DerechosChile - Sites of Memory-Introduction. Concentration camps in Chile after the 1973 military coup. Plotted on MAP of Chile! "There are two countries now, and one is subterranean." (Concentration camp survivor Hernan Valdes, 1974).
http://www.derechoschile.com/english/sites_of.htm and;
*1978. DerechosChile - The Disappeared of Lonquen. "human remains found in the limestone ovens ... shook public opinion, ... confirmed the suspicion held by many relatives of the disappeared that their loved ones were indeed dead."

*11-1999. UN urged to save vital archives. "detailed history of Operation Condor, the top secret organisation set up by Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Brazil in the mid-1970s to track down and eliminate [kill] political opponents."
http://www.newsunlimited.co.uk/Pinochet_on_trial/Story/0,2763,99486,00.html and
It's the first article in the following copies of the same Drug War Roots message.
http://www.egroups.com/group/drugwarnews/100.html? and
http://www.egroups.com/group/hemp-talk/7569.html? and

*12-1999. TEXAS. Drug Agent Is Charged In Murder-For-Hire Plot. IN U.S. CONSULATE! MONTERREY! "An AMERICAN anti-drug officer based in MEXICO was detained by F.B.I. agents in Texas, where he was charged with trying to hire a contract killer."

*11-1999. Mexico, U.S. Dig Up Possible MASS GRAVES. DEATH SQUADS in Bush's TEXAS!!!: "SCORES of MEXICANS & AMERICANS who have DISAPPEARED... some... KIDNAPPED from AMERICAN soil... Mexican federal POLICE OFFICERS who worked as hired ASSASSINS."

*10-1999. Files show Chilean blood on US hands. "A CIA document from 1970 details the role of US intelligence officers in the killing of Schneider. .... used Nazi groups throughout South America and Europe to track down enemies of the Chilean state. ... 1968-73, when the US waged a secret campaign to undermine Allende."
http://www.newsunlimited.co.uk/Pinochet_on_trial/Story/0,2763,90977,00.html and;
It's the second article in the following copies of the same Drug War Roots message.
http://www.egroups.com/group/drugwarnews/100.html? and
http://www.egroups.com/group/hemp-talk/7569.html? and

*9-1999. Pinochet: the case against. Some of the former Chilean dictator's victims. In 1973 Nixon's CIA helped overthrow the elected government of Chile. Some descriptions of subsequent torture and murder of thousands by DEATH SQUADS.

*6-1999. U.S. Dope Spooks in Amazon Rainforest. CIA and DEA agents working in Brazil without the government's control.

*4-1999. Taking a Crack at the CIA. [1999 Federal lawsuit seeking damages for CIA-crack cooperation. Attorneys William Simpich Jr. and Katya Komisaruk. Also mentions 1988 $750,000 settlement for CIA "conducting mind control experiments on unsuspecting Canadian citizens in the early 1950s"].

*3-1999. Guatemala. Genocide, And Drug-Trafficking Too. [great summary of CIA genocidal death-squad collaboration over 4 decades. All the way from when the CIA helped overthrow elected government in 1954, while Republican Nixon was vice-president].

*1-1999. An Interview With Gary Webb Shows The Importance of The
Internet And The Alternative Press.

*12-1998. Consortium [More CIA/contra/cocaine/LA pipelines].

*11-1998. Thousands Protest In Georgia Against Army's 'School Of [Assassins].

*11-1998. The Priest Who Waged a War. 7000 rally. 2319 trespass. Georgia's School of the Americas. torture-bounty-Death-squad-manuals. (This school represents US death-squad attitudes in general, and possibly in Contra-COCAINE, too).

*11-1998. Two Years Later, CIA-drug Controversy Continues. [San Jose Mercury News started it! Excellent!].

*11-1998. New York Times "reviews" Contra-COCAINE books. LOL!!! How stupid does the NY Times think that Americans ARE?

*11-1998. Operation Condor and Pinochet. More roots of CIA/Contra-COCAINE and Worldwide Nazi Death Squads? Declassification demanded!

*10-1998. Best Summary! of CIA-Justice_Dept-Contra-Cocaine Disinformation via NY Times. If CIA=ODESSA, then NYT=Goebbels.

*10-1998. CIA-Contra-COCAINE. detailed analysis of declassified CIA report by the Consortium website.

*10-1998. CIA Admits Not Informing On Contras [and COCAINE. DECLASSIFIED!!! Breakthrough! SECRET GOVERNMENT!].

*9-1998. John Hull's Great Escape [from Costa Rica. DEA/State_Dept/Bush/Hamilton/Embassy/Contra-Cocaine].

*9-1998. Contra-Cocaine -- Justice Denied. [Massive TIMELINE! CIA/DEA/North/US_Embassy/Reagan/Bush. Castillo].

*7-1998. Contra-Cocaine: Evidence of Premeditation [1982 CIA-FBI agreement. The many contra-cocaine suppliers. Press cover-up].

*7-1998. OPED: The CIA's Paper of Record [NY TIMES and...].

*6-1998. Consortium. Maxine Waters exposes 1982 Attorney General-CIA-FBI agreement to ignore drug trafficking. CIA-backed Afghan mujahedeen. Kerry report in 4-89 dismissed by largest newspapers. Contra war over in 1990.

*6-1998. Progressive magazine. "Still Seeing Red: The CIA Fosters Death Squads In Colombia." Article quote begins:

"In the name of fighting drugs, the CIA financed new military intelligence networks there in 1991. ... they incorporated illegal paramilitary groups into their ranks and fostered death squads. These death squads killed trade unionists, peasant leaders, human-rights, journalists, and other suspected 'subversives.' ... In May 1991, Colombia completely reorganized its military intelligence networks 'based on the recommendations made by the commission of U.S. military advisers,' according to the secret Colombian reorganization order, which Human Rights Watch made public in 1996. ... The secret Colombian order instructed the military to maintain plausible deniability from the networks and their crimes. Retired military officers and other civilians were to act as clandestine liaisons between the networks and the military commanders. All open communications 'must be avoided.' There 'must be no written contracts with informants or civilian members of the network; everything must be agreed to orally.' And the entire chain of command 'will be covert and compartmentalized, allowing for the necessary flexibility to cover targets of interest.' Facts about the new intelligence networks became known only after four former agents in Barrancabermeja began testifying in 1993 about the intelligence network there. What compelled them to come forward? Each said the military was actively trying to kill them in order to cover up the network and its crimes. By then the military had 'disappeared' four other ex-agents in an attempt to keep the network and its operations secret."

*The New Press: The Iran-Contra Scandal: A National Security Archive Documents Reader.

*The New Press: White House E-Mail: The Secret Computer Messages the Reagan/Bush White House Tried to Destroy.

*7-1998. Chicago Tribune Article on CIA/Crack Connection.

*7-1998. Report Links CIA To Suspected Drug Traffickers.

*7-1998. ABC Prime Time: US Customs agents authorize $6 BBBillion [that's b as in boy!] of cocaine, a regular occurrence?

*[7-1998. JUSTICE DEPT-CIA-DEA CRACK!]. Gary Webb Interview.

*7-1998. They didn't want to know [KERRY COMMITTEE, CIA-CRACK].

*6-1998. DARK DEFIANCE [CIA-CRACK story history. and INTERNET!].

*6-1998. Dark Defiance [Pt 2, BIG MEDIA CIA Press and MOLES Exposed!].

*6-1998. Dark Defiance [#3. CIA-DEA Names, Dates. SERIES SQUASHED!].

*5-1998. CIA Finally Admits That It Protected Cocaine Traffickers.

*5-1997. CIA Contra-cocaine & corporate death squads abroad connected to GEORGE BUSH, senior. LA/OC Weekly. Nick Schou, "Tracks in the Snow." Early published connections to Lister, LaFrance, Weekly, Gritz. Wackenhut, Pyramid, Intersect, Fluor, NSC, DIA.

*School of the Americas Watch - Close the School of the Americas.


LINKS. Alphabetical order. [TopLink]

*A Tale of Two Cities -- 1995 1925 [chapter 1 of Drug Crazy. COCAINE in the USA].

* Big White Lies. ["frank discussion of the CIA's involvement in international drug trafficking." Forum for "Cocaine Import Agency" site with HUGE list of links on these issues. Forum allows many options such as html, link autoconversion, fixed-width fonts, etc.].

*book - Powderburns: Cocaine, Contras, and the Drug War. [by Celerino Castillo, ex-DEA agent].

*Case File. C.I.A. and Drugs: Michael C. Ruppert's amazing huge website. Former LAPD narcotics investigator. "Mike was there before I was." --Gary Webb. Wide-ranging corruption. Vast site, many links, very active.

*CIA and Cocaine: Some [excellent] Quotes.

*CIA/cocaine/Contras. AWESOME TIMELINE and names.

*CIA's Crack Addiction. [ex-DEA Celerino Castillo].

*[CIAdrugs.com] FBI, CIA and other agents document drug trafficking into US by CIA and DEA.|

*Cocaine Import Agency [HUGE list of annotated links. Clickable table of contents].

*Cocaine Importing Agency {CIA}. HUGE site by Ben Attias. MANY LINKS!

*Cocaine Politics - Drugs, Armies...CIA in Central America.

*CIA Unveils New Ghetto Drugs For '98.

*Contra cards [CIA COCAINE trading cards! Players' biographies].

*Crack the CIA!.

*Crack the CIA, NAFTA, the Third World & African American Community. [many, many annotated and interesting links].

*Drugs [Citizen Truth Commissions on Drugs, Government Complicity and Our Communities. A Project of the Institute for Policy Studies. "organized in cooperation with community groups in the cities in which they will convene." Worldwide].

*Duplicity of the War on Drugs [Reagan-Bush-CIA-CRACK-Contra PSY-WAR! and bibliography].

* Expert Witness Show: with Mike Levine.[25 year veteran, highly decorated international deep cover agent].

*MysteriousMena. Air America, Contra Cocaine. roots. Nixon's "Bay of Pigs thing": and its CIA assassins. Berry Seal's Fat Lady sings. Phoenix Program, Mafia, Trafficante, Nugen Hand, George Bush, Shah, Wackenhut, private prisons.

*Oliver Twisted [North, COCAINE, NSC, Bush, CIA, Army, GOP, Rodriguez, Iran, Brunei.

*Real Drug Lords. A brief history of CIA involvement in the Drug Trade. [TIMELINE!].

*Rodney Stich: Defrauding America {"FORTY-FIVE YEARS OF [CIA] DRUG TRAFFICKING"}.

*Table Talk - The Return Of the Contra-Cocaine Story. [Salon Politics BOARD].


Links SUBMITTED by OTHERS. Not yet checked out. [TopLink]

Most of the links below (in this section only) have not been sorted or checked out yet. Someone else submitted the links and made the notes describing the links. Anybody can contribute more links by using the contact webform:

Some of the contributed links have been moved to this page:

*Terrorism of USA. Death Squads, Drug War. Many links worldwide. Millions killed over decades. Mostly US-run or US-aided terrorist death squads worldwide. Other death squads, too. Today's death squads, and older ones such as the US-run Phoenix Program during the Vietnam war. Terrorism and corruption at all levels of politics, police, society, media, business, unions, government, etc.. Lists in alphabetical and chronological order. Huge LINKS list.
https://corporatism.tripod.com/squads.htm and

Emphasis added.


The Real Drug Lords. This is a great little article by William Blum called the Real Drug Lords. A quick overview of the primary spots where the CIA has engaged in working with traffickers for one reason or another. Simple and to the point.

Cocaine pipeline financed rebels. This site has all of the original Webb articles as they appeared in August 1996. Webb had so many facts there to see it is hard to imagine how the CIA, in the person John Deutch, then Director of Central Intelligence, could expect the citizens of South Central LA, and the rest of the country as well, to believe his denials. In retrospect, it is not hard to see at all, what with the propaganda machine

The Contras, Cocaine, and Covert Operations. This site has an incredible number of official documents outlining the government's knowledge that it was working with drug traffickers. Another large site, with lots and lots of material. Spend some more time here.

CIA's Drug Confession. An in depth look into the CIA/Contra/Cocaine connections, and the resultant report by the CIA Inspector General, by Robert Parry. Parry was one of the very first to try and report the allegations that were flying around in the eighties about the Contras supporting the war in Nicaragua with the proceeds of drugs, buying arms and supplies, often using drugs themselves as currency, to pay for the arms that Oliver North and friends were shipping South.

Anti-Drug Unit of C.I.A.. Sent a Ton of Cocaine to U.S. in 1990 New York Times article about a cooperative effort between a Venezuelan anti-drug unit and the CIA that shipped a ton of cocaine into the USA., after the CIA had requested permission of the DEA to let a ton of cocaine walk after hitting the streets in the USA. Hippie dippy site, but great article.

TOP SECRET CIA DRUG SMUGGLING OPERATIONS. Useful, short and sweet, a listing of some fairly recent CIA drug operations, with accompanying affidavits and documents.

ALLEGATIONS OF CONNECTIONS BETWEEN CIA. This is the official site of the CIA, so enter at your own risk. Here you can get the entire Volume II on the Allegations of Connections Between CIA and the Contras in Cocaine Trafficking to the United States, the Contra story. Loads of double speak and misdirection here, but it is fascinating to see how they try to turn a phrase, and twist the truth.

CIA Report on Contra-Cocaine Connection Contains Curiosities, Contra-dictions and Omissions. Here one can get two articles on CIA/Contra/Cocaine connections, one on the CIA's report, Volume 1, and the other testimony by Rep. Maxine Waters on what she has discovered while looking into the reports of CIA drug trafficking.

CIA, Justice Dept. Face Drug War's Victims. A look at the lawsuits that have been filed against the CIA and the DoJ, in 6 States so far,in 1999, on behalf of anyone hurt by the cocaine 'epidemic'. The more the merrier, so take a look.

For more information, see the CIA-drug internet site:

*The CIA & Drugs. This site is a very precise layout of various CIA involvements with numerous drug traffickers. The emphasis is heavy on the CIA's, and the US government' s own admissions, and also on the investigations of a number of former government agents from the DEA, the CIA, and others. The evidence is overwhelming. One of the very best of this type of site. No theory here. Lots of links.


Related and/or updated links. [TopLink]

*Cannabis Related Links. [Use the table of contents, or page down, to get to the political and research sections. There you will find many Drug-War, Death-Squad links exposing the CIA, DEA, FBI, etc. in the USA, Colombia, Latin America, the world. First URL has the latest links.]|
http://www.cannabis.com/linkscgi/#political and older list at


Drug War charts, and more. [TopLink]