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With less than 5% of world population the USA has over 2.4 million of 9.8 million world prisoners! The majority of U.S. inmates are in due to the drug war.
Most Republican leaders oppose cheap universal healthcare. 45,000 uninsured Americans die each year due to lack of health insurance.
Vancouver, British Columbia. MMM Cannabis 2000 rally reports. Many participants' views. Millennium Marijuana March. May 6, 2000. Around 100 cities worldwide. Vancouver reports.
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Reports. [TopLink]

From the Cannabis Culture message board called "Activists and activism."


Subject: Millennium Marijuana March

Posted by SleepyBuds

Posted on 5/7/00 00:05 AM

I went to the Millennium Marijuana March in vancouver today WOW what a sweet march everyone meet up at the art gallery at about 2pm me and my friends were there early so we sat down and smoked a couple of bongloads until someone said the rally was getting alot bigger on the other side of the art gallery so we started to make our way towards the other side Sweet funky bass lines and sax's and drums filled my ears as we walked and when we turned the I saw a good amount of people walking about I walked closer started to notice colourful banners and signs a band that was with a couple of drumers sax players and a bass that were getting a real nice vibe going. Me and my friend andrew started to hack with a couple of people and sortly into the game some guy came over and asked us if we want to help hom carry somthing we said "sure" he then told us that we were going to be moving pot plants that were in boxs over to the steps of the art gallery were they would be given to the Compassion Club so we moved the boxes and returned to hacking and smoking up and then Marc Emery showed up and passed out buds i was sweet my friend got a nice one and we rolled up a joint (it was great pot) we then watched a cool pupet show that talked about the drug war and how marijuana was used for medical reasons and then outlawed it rained alot at the and even hailed for a while but cleared up pretty quick we were lead by the band I staed earlier and David we march to stanley park singing pro pot songs got to the park puffed joints and bongloads and hacked interesting conversation music pot art stoner chicks were everywhere it looked to be a good time then some Drummers from Brazil Cuba and Jamaca drumed and real got a trance going on like it was magic they were just going off on the drums their rythms rang so deep they were real good just the kind off thing we didnt want to stop watching since I play guitar and other instuments I really enjoyed the fact there was music everywhere besides "smoking pot without music is like swiming without water" then David gave us all some interesting information for our stoned heads to munch on then seeds were passed out and me and all my friends (thank you MR.emery)i was told they were from him by a friend although he did not hand them out then David asked us trivia questions about pot I won an issue of PotShot #15 its a real cool magazine good info nice to read when fried and then right after i got that he asked another question i knew the answer to so I told one of my friends and he got an issue of cannabis cultre magizine the rally a while after that was over although we left rather quickly after it was all over (not before I signed Rene bojee'(spelling) petion) she is a american that is facing 10 years in prison for being in a house that cultivated medical marijauana after the state of california already voted medical marijuana legal all in all

the march kicked ass it was full of good info i got free seeds a little free bud(had my own to) got an issue of potshot that i think I will read right now heres somthing that gets a little closer to what I was trying to say about the drummers "trance" and the bands "funky vibe" Sound is the very essence and backdrop of creation. All of creation is energy vibrating at different frequencies and sound is the primordial frequency. Music is the singing, vibrating pulsation of these frequencies interrelating, colliding and coalescing. Music has powerful effects on the human brain. The brain vibrates at different frequencies, beta, alpha, delta and theta. When the brain receives differing harmonic resonances, through exposure to music, its resident frequencies are thus enhanced and entrained.

Subject: Re: Millennium Marijuana March. Posted by JustinCase. Posted on 5/7/00 00:54 AM

Hey thanks SleepyBuds I listened to Pot.tv and heard great reports from all over North America including Vancouver, but your report has a nice personal feel to it. Sounds like it was a gas.


Subject: Re: Millennium Marijuana March. Posted by FlashGordon. Posted on 5/7/00 3:57 PM

far out man yeah i saw you guys playing hacky sac ! lol

Enjoys the Healing Herb


Subject account of mmm in van Posted by FlashGordon Posted on 5/7/00 3:53 PM

I followed david malmo levines advice and showed up at the steps of the art gallery at exactly two pm. A crowd of about 50 had already gathered on the steps and a group of friends from the bc compasion club started handing out plants. sweet skunk was given to me and people began flocking around taking pictures of each other and the palnts .placards were handed out .I had been in on making them so grabed the one i had fashioned " AIDS SUX! POT HELPS!" and MAKe DRUG LOVE NOT DRUG WAR ! on the back . the musicains, african, brazilian and cuban drummers, did a rain dance and kept it up as the hail poured down .david shouted out his safety speach about swarming any one who gets busted and huging them and they got the sound system up. the crowd swelled again as the giant puppet show began that pointed out that women have been persecuted for centurys for using herbs and pharmecutical companies are still doing it. david did his best rendition of a blues song "just because im green im blue" and we all did our best to sing along to the southpark spoof "blame cannabis" we heard a molson canadian tv ad rant pot head style "we are cannabians "and our anthem "oh cannabis" was sang solemnly until we took up the chant" you take ritlin we smoke reefer" ": you drink coffee ,use sugar/,take prozac ect our stimulant relaxant ect is safer and cheaper !"joints and bongs were everywhere And we marched !the police cleared the way ,they lined the street all the long way down georgia to stanley park .no one jeered at them well except mabe the zero gravityy clown, but people smoked giant reefers and bongs i carried my sign and the band played the happiest music you could imagine .cars honked joyfully, we marched through red light after red light ,we passed a bus full of born again christians caught in traffic and even they laughed and cheered!the cops and the horses stood peacefully by and david and marc emery had a quick meeting and the band played on i was given a huge joint by jill from the club who had worked on the banners and puppets, who handed them out of a hat. david leapt and cartwheeled around the crowd and 10000 seeds were given out by a good witch .we planted our plants too and the province newspaper said there was over 1000 of us maybe someone should scan the program because the play and the songs were so original

Enjoys the Healing Herb


Subject Re: account of mmm in van Posted by grandma Posted on 5/7/00 5:52 PM

That sounds great. I could find nothing about it on the regular news. I tuned into the raidio station Pot TV and I listened to a few accounts. 100 or so arrested in New York, is what I heard on pot tv raido...

What fun...Did everyone plant the pot plants? seeds given away from the good witch? what a parade Thank you for the report...


Subject Re: account of mmm in van Posted by FlashGordon Posted on 5/7/00 6:47 PM

my friends barndog and strawberry pie took these pictures of the march in lansing https://www.angelfire.com/mi3/mmm/

Enjoys the Healing Herb


Subject Re: account of mmm in van Posted by puff_tuff Posted on 5/7/00 8:20 PM

Hey Flash, great pics !! Thanks for sharing, barndog and strawberry pie.



Subject Re: account of mmm in van Posted by GanjaTraveller Posted on 5/7/00 8:20 PM

I had an awesome time in Vancouver on Saturday. I came over from Victoria for the day to participate in the event and was really impressed with how well things went. I showed up at the art gallery at 2 and hung out and watched the people gather. The band was great and were really into it, there were lots of great banners and signs. For a brief time, it almost felt like the herb was legal. People rolling, bongs, joints, and other stuff right out in the open. For a small time yesterday, it felt like there was a little freedom in the world. I didn't get a chance to get my share until later on when David pulled out his large baggie filled with the healing kind. We all sat in a group at Stanley Park and smoked, passing joints in every direction.

David, awesome job dude. Hats off to ya. You really put the event together well, along with all the help you had. Everyone who was involved did a great job.


Subject Re: account of mmm in van Posted by Tripper Posted on 5/7/00 9:45 PM Attachment 14-1152-Dsc00061.jpg

Here is a little photo of the vancouver march, hope you enjoy it, what i time. Flash summed it up pretty well, i fine time had by all.Tripper


Subject Re: account of mmm in van Posted by FlashGordon Posted on 5/8/00 1:55 PM

yeah tripper that pic had to be at the begining of the march i recognize a few ppl from the club i would have been over to the right ,that looks like b4 it rained you should send this pic int www.pot-tv.net they are putting pics on their web cam Id like to see some more if you got them too

Enjoys the Healing Herb


Subject Closer than ever...to legalization!!! Posted by KootenayCrippler Posted on 5/9/00 12:47 PM

Well, hempsters we are closer than ever to decriminalization and legalization in Canada.

1)Currently, there is a senate inquiry on the marijuana laws and by accounts I've read things look up as far as possession under 30 grams.

2) That right wing party reform CRAP whatever they call themselves is thinking about decrim. as a platform. Now if a bunch of rednecks can see the light and that the drug war is just too $$$ why can't other parties???

3) Allan Rock tenders out the medical marijuana supply for clinical trials.

4) Noted media darlings like Richler and Rebick are advocating legalization.

5) Noted politicians are admitting their past ( present???) use of mj.

6) letters blast the newspapers which continue their anti-mj message (ie. the province, the Van. Sun )

So all who believe keep the faith... 'cause I believe we will win the right to grow our own without fear of the cops. WE have to keep the fight alive, the marijuana marches made waves in the media worldwide!!!! To all organizers and participants I salute you!!!!!!

Some suggestions ...

A) I think there should be a poll done by Angus Reed (Reid??) about Canadian attitudes toward decrim., legalization, etc.. However such polls cost mucho $$$ and need a connection to a media outlet...

B) letter writing campaigns to MPs, senate, etc. free postage to elected reps still???

C) continue the fight for decrim/legal in the letters to the editor pages...

Peace all, KootenayCrippler :)


Subject Re: Closer than ever...to legalization!!! Posted by JustinCase Posted on 5/9/00 6:03 PM

Your right K.C., I can sense that we will see a major change within 2 years. We must keep up the fight because once the "other side" starts to sense the same thing they will be getting up on their flimsy soapboxes. The senate is the place to focus activity right now. Does anyone know their agenda? will they be listening to submissions? I believe their decision (favourable) will carry right into the next Federal election. We must keep this issue at the top!!


Yoda says: "Escape the dark side of the force, grasshopper...."

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