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See: Global Marijuana March. ~600 different cities since 1999. First Saturday in May. City lists: 1999 2000 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 2010. 11 ...Search them. Add city name to search.
With less than 5% of world population the USA has over 2.4 million of 9.8 million world prisoners! The majority of U.S. inmates are in due to the drug war.
Most Republican leaders oppose cheap universal healthcare. 45,000 uninsured Americans die each year due to lack of health insurance.
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DrugSearch. for Choose site from dropdown menu. Enter search terms. You can put quotes around phrases. Click Search.
NewsSearch. for Choose site from dropdown menu. Enter search terms. You can put quotes around phrases. Click Search.
IndySearch. Choose sites from dropdown menu. Click Google button. Then enter additional search terms after the inurl: operator and its URL. You can put quotes around phrases. Search again.
On the Google results page you can click the "News" tab. This will pull up results from thousands of news sites indexed daily by Google News. If the "site:" term was used, you can delete it because it does not work at Google News. If you still want a site-specific search you can try substituting the Google operator "inurl:" for "site:" and then search Google News again. Remember that Google News does not index all news sites. Another way to get specific site searches using Google News is to use "source:" terms: source:indymedia_italia or source:the_narco_news_bulletin or source:mother_jones or source:guardian or source:common_dreams or source:venezuela_electronic_news or source:pacifica_radio . A less consistently-implemented method is to use search term(s) and the full, correct name of the news site. Such as: Narco News Bulletin, Mother Jones, Guardian, Common Dreams, or Venezuela Electronic News. To search sites using standard Google (not Google News) searches one can use either site: or inurl: followed directly (no space) by the site's homepage URL. You can use inurl: more than once in a single search. For example; one can search for dates in URLs. For Indymedia searches add the search term inurl:2003/10 to possibly find October 2003 articles. The IndySearch form above uses inurl: to search various Indymedia sites via regular Google searches. Note the pattern and adapt it to search almost any Indymedia city site. Due to technical reasons one has to add the search terms after clicking the Google button in the IndySearch form above.
Another option to search specific news sites via Google is to use this specialized MAP/DrugNews search form: http://www.mapinc.org/media.htm - Choose from any of hundreds of news sites in that Google search form. The Google search form is at the bottom of the page there. Choose the area of the world, or the beginning letter of the publication, etc., at the top of the web page. Then use the dropdown menu in the search form to select the specific news site. Enter search terms. Click the search button.
For more info on Advanced Google Search Operators go here: http://www.google.com/help/operators.html

For more cannabis, drug, drug reform, and drug war news sites: https://www.angelfire.com/rnb/y/fairuse.htm


Search for Choose the site from the dropdown menu. Enter search term(s). You can put quotes around phrases. Click Google button.

San Francisco Indymedia. The web. Enter search term(s). You can put quotes around phrases. Click Google button.


Google indexes many more pages of the San Francisco Indymedia site using indybay.org URLs compared to sf.indymedia.org URLs.

Verify this by comparing the number of results found by clicking the 2 search shortcut links below:
http://google.com/search?q=inurl:indybay.org and

Two ways that Google search forms can be set up to search San Francisco Indymedia sites are to use site:indybay.org or inurl:indybay.org - Click the search shortcut URLs below to see the results either way.
http://google.com/search?q=site:indybay.org and

Query inputs in the HTML of the search forms on this page have been minimized. This means the resulting shortcut URLs will have less characters, and will be easier to pass on, especially in email where URLs that wrap to two lines often don't work right.



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https://corporatism.tripod.com/indyplus.htm and


Drug War charts, and more. [TopLink]